montan wax

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a hard wax obtained from lignite

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From its broad portfolio of specialty waxes, Clariant will focus on the added-value for plastics manufacturers offered by montan wax specialties, such as Licomont NaV 101 and CaV 102, which significantly reduce cycle times and provide excellent release and flow properties for injection moulded polyamides and polyesters.
The Wax Includes Brazilian Carnauba Wax and the finest Bavarian Montan Wax, to deliver a brilliant shine.
Table 5: World Market for Carnauba Wax: Percentage Breakdown of Exports by Country for 2004 for US, Japan, Europe and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-17 Ouricouri Wax II-17 Bayberry II-17 Rice-Bran Wax II-17 Jasmine Wax II-17 Product Highlights II-17 Candelilla Wax II-18 Product Highlights II-18 Jojoba Wax II-18 Japan Wax II-20 Soybean Wax II-20 Others II-20 Orange Wax II-20 Esparto II-20 Sugarcane Wax II-21 Castor Wax II-21 NewWaxes II-21 Mineral Waxes (Excluding Petroleum Wax) II-21 Ozokerite II-21 Product Highlights II-21 Montan Wax II-21 Clariant Process to Produce Montan Wax II-22 Peat Wax II-22 Petroleum Waxes II-22 Paraffin Wax II-23 Market Scenario II-24
Struktol's new refined, organic wax products are designed to be substitutes for Montan Wax E and Montan Wax OP.