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the quality of passing all moral bounds

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Due to the fact that the feminine monstrousness has such a generous range of representation that one can easily dedicate a whole research program to it, I am going to pay attention to only two of the most fascinating characters: Muma-Padurii and Ielele, both of them authentic cultural archetypes.
Among various transformations, one could expect still to find traces of the familiar in the grotesque; "[i]n the midst of an overwhelming impression of monstrousness there is much we can recognize, much corrupted or shuffled familiarity" (Harpham 5).
Vogue's editing and manipulation of the 300 footage is also aesthetically pleasing and plays on the meaning of the song Vogue "Beauty's where you find it," (16) Madonna sings, and the vid finds beauty in the monstrousness of the initial images as well as in the juxtaposition between visual and audio.
Despite these missing characteristics, critics have read monstrousness as integral to the struggles Virgie and Miss Eckhart experience.
I do range in my topics, but there are certain concerns I keep coming back to, and one of them is monstrosity, which is also a theme in Female Masculinity, about the monstrousness of the masculine female body and how it figures the outside of all ideologies of belonging.
neither valorizes nor denounces the monstrousness depicted, maintaining
In their attempt to give shape to their experiences, as Paul Fussell notes in The Great War and Modern Memory, these authors often employ elements of fiction: Robert Graves uses satire, Sassoon sharp antithesis and a third person narrator--"Sherston is me with bits left out," he writes--while Blunden plays against Britain's pastoral tradition to suggest the monstrousness of industrialized warfare, where generals talk casually of Menschenmaterial.
Those reactions remind the reader of his monstrousness, disrupting the gentle identification the reader tends to feel so that Shelley repeatedly evokes and then challenges our sympathy.
But if Myra invites us to question our investment in locating evil in others and not in ourselves, and in establishing our own sexual normality through the reassuring rehearsal of an outrage at a monstrousness located elsewhere, its exhibition demonstrated the problem of moving outside the discursive space of that photograph.
Perhaps reassuringly, Karloff's film removes the blame from Victor Frankenstein by focusing on the monstrousness of his creation, the demonic destroyer electrically unsprung from Pandora's casket.
AS the two boys are given an indeterminate sentence, with a minimum of five years, for their appalling attack, I cannot help but feel that their parents are responsible for shaping such monstrousness.
Even while acknowledging the monstrousness of Iago's manipulation of male intimacy, for example, MacFaul also connects his and other characters' betrayals of friendship to "non-heroic modes of selfhood" and to "recognizing and respecting human difference" (195).
The 'T' of narration becomes the "eye" or the vision that unfolds from his efforts at describing the wonder and monstrousness of a life anchored in a body.
This concentration upon the more obvious elements of monstrousness in Hell results in medievalists often overlooking similar elements the poet uses within Purgatorio.
These raw works, whether they acknowledge the tragedy of Collateral Damage or the vicious patriotism of the torturers of Abu Ghraib, do not raise questions; they simply assert the monstrousness of an ongoing evil.