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Synonyms for monstrosity

Synonyms for monstrosity

an unsightly object

a monstrous offense or evil

a person or animal that is abnormally formed


Synonyms for monstrosity

a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed

something hideous or frightful

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Writing on Alejo Carpentier, Jose Lezama Lima, and particularly Nicolas Guillen, Gonzalez Echevarria explains how the Baroque incorporates the strangeness of Otherness and reveals the Other's monstrosity to be the Otherness of Being itself.
Just as I was singing the praises of @LidlUK and their wonderful unwrapped veg, I come across this monstrosity - 'naked onions,'" read a tweet by David Rose.
This is an absolute monstrosity, a horrendous sin, completely opposed to what Christ teaches us.
I was sad to read of the demise of the Odeon cinema, but if as the article states the whole block is to be developed, then there will be some good news - that we are finally going to see the demolition of the monstrosity next to it.
That monstrosity stuck in the middle of Northumberland Street is an absolute eyesore in the name of commercialism.
How dare they attach that concrete brutalist monstrosity to the beautiful Victorian BMAG.
Sue Jones wrote: "Absolute monstrosity and a waste of money
In January 2011, then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an criticized Aksoy's statue "Monument to Humanity," saying: "They put a monstrosity next to the tomb of [Muslim scholar] Hasan Harakani.
Monstrosity, Performance, and Race in Contemporary Culture
Monstrosity and his bride Honey Wheelie Monstrosity along with their two children Moon Goon and Lil' Squiddy, have been haunting the web comics scene since early 2009.
That, even as this nation has been in the throes of a very vile terrorism for decades, it is as yet not prepared to face up to this monstrosity as should it have been.