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a mound of fatty tissue covering the pubic area in women

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British infantry waiting to advance in the Mons area prior to the battle
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at a ceremony at St Symphorien Military |Cemetery at Mons, Belgium
The Irish Mirror was unsuccessful in attempts to contact Mons chairman Jim McGlone for a comment last night.
The lack of a high-density root below Olympus Mons indicates it was built on a lithosphere of high rigidity, while the other volcanoes partially sank into a less rigid lithosphere," said co-author Veronique Dehant, also of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
The Arsia Mons cloud recovered partially on Nov 17 (though the 'butterfly' shape did not recur).
Following Maxfield and Peacock's assessment of the topography, quarries and geology at Mons Porphyrites of 2001 (The Imperial quarries: survey and excavation at Mons Porphyrties, 1994-1998, volume 1), volume 2 has two key objectives.
On the morning of 23 August 1914, despite having superior numbers and room to maneuver, German General von Kluck impatiently ordered a direct assault on the British front, hastily established before Mons proper and along a sixteen-mile stretch of the Mons Canal.
Race wasn't an issue; Le Mons was open to any possibility.
A delegation from Mons, in Belgium, where the documents were discovered, have given the plans to Liverpool Michel Vasko, deputy manager of tourism for Mons, said: ``It is my privilege to officially offer to the Town Hall of Liverpool the original plans.
Mons required a last minute equaliser at home to Limerick to secure a 1-1 draw in the only League meeting between the teams this year.
Zumba Fitness (Northway Community Primary, Dodds Lane) Mons, 7.
Colm James' shot took a deflection to fall kindly for striker Hynes just six yards out and he fired past Mons keeper Danny Woods.
Traditional Korean Martial Arts (Holly Lodge Girls School) Mons, children's class 6-7pm, adults 7-8pm.
ELVIS Presley lookalike Mons Wheeler was all shook up last night after taking a step closer to landing a lucrative recording deal.