monozygotic twin

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either of two twins developed from the same fertilized ovum (having the same genetic material)

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Concordance for schizophrenia in monozygotic twins who have identical genes is only 50%, not 100% as would be expected.
Studies have reported a higher concordance rate amongst monozygotic twins (MZ) (43%) as compared to dizygotic twins (22%).14 The indistinguishable genetic basis of MZ twins explains the association.
Though prevalence of DS among twin gestations is lower compared to singletons, there is a higher relative risk of diagnosing at least one twin in dizygotic twin pregnancies with DS compared to singleton pregnancies and monozygotic twin pregnancies [2].
The frequency of monozygotic twins is about 0.4% across different populations [19].
Caption: Figure 3: Grand-averaged EEG waveforms at the Cz electrode depicting the course of the ERPs across the three conditions and the four monozygotic twin groups: (a) concordant healthy, (b) discordant unaffected, (c) discordant affected, and (d) concordant affected.
Even monozygotic twins with their very minimal variation in genomes can respond differently to drugs and disease (Alexanderson and Borga 1972; Bell and Spector 2011; Czyz et al.
To determine nature's and nurture's relative contributions, Davis and his colleagues turned to a century-old method of teasing apart environmental and hereditary influences: They compared pairs of monozygotic twins -- best known to most of us as "identical" -- and of dizygotic, or fraternal, twins.
KEY WORDS: Kawasaki disease, Monozygotic twins, Genetic susceptibility, Infection.
Twin studies of normal glucose-tolerant individuals whose monozygotic twin has type 2 diabetes provide compelling evidence; these persons have an 80% probability of developing type 2 diabetes and, therefore, can most likely be classified as having prediabetes.
His monozygotic twin brother also deserved attention as he had had fainting episodes and mixed type syncope on a previously performed HUT.
Key words: wolf, Canis, lupus, monozygotic twin, identical twin.
The lifetime risk of BP in first-degree relatives of a bipolar patient is 40% to 70% for a monozygotic twin, and 5% to 10% for dizygotic twins and all other first-degree relatives (Muller-Oerlinghausen, Berghofer, & Bauer, 2002).
Furthermore, because the study used a quasi-random sampling scheme and because monozygotic twin pairs exhibit a high concordance for regular smoking, few smoking discordant pairs (i.e., where only one twin smoked) participated in the protocol.