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containing only one kind of antibody

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having a valence of 1

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In the present study oil based monovalent O-MG and O-AIV vaccines induced 274.
A total of seven peer-reviewed articles on the monovalent LYMErix (9,22,23) and ImmuLyme vaccines (8,24) and the multivalent novel vaccine (19,20) were identified for the current study.
A separate study assessed intussusception cases recorded within 7 days after a first or second dose of the monovalent vaccine (N.
The second atypical serotype reacted with monovalent anti-IV type antisera but not the group-specific antisera, and it agglutinated with MASF B-specific and MASF IV-1 E1037-specific antibodies.
In pandemic mode, the facility is capable of producing 150 million doses of pandemic monovalent vaccine within six months.
Objective: To identify the adverse events reported following monovalent single dose intramuscular Swine Flu Vaccine within a period of 6 weeks after vaccination.
The first aim of this study is to evaluate the cost effectiveness of implementing a national basis monovalent or pentavalent RV vaccination program in target populations.
and combinations thereof and an electrodepositable binder, the binder is comprised of resin(s) comprised of a phosphorous-containing group in which X is a hydrogen, a monovalent hydrocarbon or an oxygen atom having a single covalent bond to the phosphorous atom, and each oxygen atom has a covalent bond to a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, an aryl group, an alkylaryl group, an arylalkyl group, or the resin or one of the resins, with the caveat that at least one oxygen atom has a covalent bond to the resin or one of the resins; a carboxylate group separated by from 2-4 carbons from an ester group; and a tridentate amine ligand.
The FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted 14-0 that the influenza A (H5N1) virus monovalent vaccine should be approved based on the safety and immune responses seen in clinical studies.
Pandemrix is a monovalent A/H1N1 vaccine, adjuvanted with AS03, that was developed in response to the 2009 influenza epidemic.
Monovalent and polyvalent vaccines are commonly used rabies cell culture vaccines that can vary in their immunogenic efficacy in dogs.
The authors were testing a monovalent prototype directed against the blood stage of the falciparum malaria parasite.
The main reason for using new membranes having properties intermediate to those of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration is to separate monovalent and divalent salts as well as non-ionic solutes with molecular weights less than 2000 g/mol.