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containing only one kind of antibody

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having a valence of 1

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The current "bivalent" formulations of AIDSVAX, so called because they are developed from recombinant forms of two strains of HIV, are the successor vaccines to a monovalent (one strain) vaccine developed during 14 years of research at Genentech, Inc.
Vical's monovalent vaccine contains a plasmid (a closed loop of DNA) encoding the hemagglutinin (HA) surface protein from the H5N1 influenza virus strain, A/Vietnam/1203/04.
GSK s Influenza A (H5N1) Virus Monovalent Vaccine, Adjuvanted, has also received marketing authorisation in Europe and Canada under the brand names, Pumarix and Arepanrix H5N1, respectively.
Monovalent Dissatisfiers, Monovalent Satisfiers, Bivalent Satisfiers and Null Relationships
Verbal entries indicate first whether the verb is transitive, intransitive or impersonal, followed by information subdivided according to the number of arguments (besides the subject) the verb permits: avalent and monovalent verbs are not indicated for valency, bivalent verbs are classified as having 1 argomento, and trivalent verbs appear with 2 argomenti.
The relative weakness of the clay-HA bond in the Alfisol may be attributed to the dominance of kaolinitic clay, its low exchange capacity, and the presence of monovalent cation bridges; in the Vertisol, on the other hand, smectite is dominant, and this together with [Ca.
Results from the two previous human studies testing a monovalent formulation for FluINsure using one or two dose regimens and a variety of dose levels have shown the vaccine to be well tolerated.
Treanor, on April 24, 2001 at the Fourth Annual Conference on Vaccine Research, indicated that at three different doses the monovalent flu vaccine was safe and well tolerated.
1], which are identical or different, each represent a monovalent hydrocarbon-based group chosen from alkyls, which are linear or branched, cycloalkyls or aryls, having from 1 to 18 carbon atoms; [R.
Rotarix is a monovalent vaccine that contains a single human G1P[8] strain (3).
Due to its monovalent target engagement, in contrast to bivalent antibody-based approaches, PRS-110 is a pure antagonist.
The authors were testing a monovalent prototype directed against the blood stage of the falciparum malaria parasite.
2+] remained unchanged, as did the proportion of monovalent cations relative to divalent cations.
The H1N1 virus is a pandemic 2009 H1N1 virus and is the same vaccine virus as was used in the 2009 H1N1 monovalent vaccine.