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Synonyms for monotonous

Synonyms for monotonous

Synonyms for monotonous

tediously repetitious or lacking in variety


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sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch

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Incorporating roller bearings in lieu of a conventional follower, the Sterling magazine is easy to load without a tool and monotonously reliable.
The cinema has long provided sanctuary for the broken-hearted in the cheap seats, as on screen but such monotonously indifferent moping might prompt even the most lovelorn to start pondering what's for tea instead.
The monotonously frequent terrorism in the Kashmir-Jammu-Punjab region speaks for itself.
Modern mechanical ventilators operating in control mode deliver respiratory rates and tidal volumes in a monotonously regular manner; whereas normal ventilation is characterized by a variable or noisy signal.
The same sub-Saharan Africa that is still dogged by undernourishment is also experiencing a big surge in overweight and obesity especially in young children and women whose lives are becoming increasingly sedentary, and whose diets and those of their families are now monotonously rich in carbohydrates.
1) In between monotonously glib recitations of data, he quickly inserted his argument that wealth must be taxed to preserve the social order.
This is even more apparent when such statements, as the ones made by the UN Secretary-General, are accompanied by simultaneous statements by the US State Department, that repeat monotonously that "the island's oil and gas resources, like all of its resources, should be equitably shared between both communities in the context of an overall settlement".
So in essence, the challenge before the Northern and Eastern Tamil lobby is to look ahead and work with the Sinhala Buddhist constituency from the platform all Sri Lankans are now on, which is the 1978 constitution with its 13th Amendment passed in 1987, rather than look back and verbalize monotonously on situations and platforms that existed prior to 1987.
You can't just focus monotonously on the World Cup, so perhaps Manchester United was a good distraction.
Existing speech synthesis technology, vastly used in society, can read-out a range of texts, but monotonously.
3, the warehouse complex that formed the show's main venue, one encountered Turkish artist Ayse Erkmen's bangbangbang, 2013, a huge green plastic ball attached to a crane, which monotonously struck the side of the building to no avail.
There is little backstory, creating confusion in places, and Ronan's dreams are too numerous and similar, becoming monotonously repetitive.
The fact is that there has been little for the OFNC to communicate in recent years, partly because the Government's responses to its claims have been monotonously predictable and monstrously tight fisted.
The skulking corncrake, with the looks of a brown and streaky moorhen, was well known by sound, if not by sight, to country folk across the length and breadth of the UK, monotonously blasting out its 'crek crek' call throughout the night.
Precious little imagination and even less thought have gone into these awkwardly penned and monotonously staged party scenes, which exist only in Fred's memory.