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Synonyms for monotonous

Synonyms for monotonous

Synonyms for monotonous

tediously repetitious or lacking in variety


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sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch

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Hemsworth, so good in Rush and as Thor, proves to be monotonous in scenes that alternate between him staring at a screen and jetting around the Far East to shoot/thump/ bottle the latest bad guy.
Hemsworth, so good in Rush and as Thor in the Marvel movies, proves to be mean, moody and monotonous in a series of scenes that alternate between him staring, brow furrowed, into a computer screen and jetting around the Far East to shoot/ thump/bottle the latest anonymous bad guy.
This is an allegorical tale of a hen named Sprout who becomes dissatisfied with monotonous life in the barnyard and devises a plan to escape into the wild.
If a clever scientist could bottle the monotonous nature of his voice and combine it with the lack of interest contained in anything he utters, it would surely be the most powerful sleeping potion ever developed.
In order to prevent making his visits monotonous, Ivanov visited the mosque in Valandovo while analyst Kim Mehmeti assessed that during his mandate, Ivanov never showed much interest in the Albanians.
1 -- CD Projekt have introduced animated storybooks and flashbacks to The Witcher 3 that will help players, the game will also have 'event clusters' to ensure the game doesn't seem monotonous.
They are all working for each other, all pulling in the same direction and that is one of the biggest factors in that monotonous consistency they are enjoying.
Mumbai The mental challenge of overcoming the Gobi Desert's monotonous landscape was the biggest challenge for Sucheta Kadethankar who became the first Indian woman to cross Asia's largest desert.
Professor Nano Ruzin says in Utrinski vesnik that the political life is monotonous and that the issue about the situation of the Macedonian journalism is being only shyly addressed.
I would much sooner hear the vuvuzela played rather than the tuneless monotonous so called singing that is often just an excuse to shout out offensive and in many cases racist slogans.
Take the song "Archetype," for example, with its staccato bursts of drumbeat and breaks into soaring vocals that keep the hard-rocking din from getting monotonous.
The comedy is based around a single restaurant meal and the monotonous chitchat of a couple who have fallen out of love.
All performed experimental analyses: monotonous tension, monotonous torsion, low cycle tension-compression and low cycle torsion were carried out under ambient temperature.
It's amazing that whenever his contract is starting to run down or a transfer window is due to open, he starts scoring goals with monotonous regularity again.
19), he quotes Catarina Torres saying that service projects are good for young people, but unless they have relevance to the teachings of the church, they can become monotonous and lose meaning.