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believing that there is only one god


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He made the comment in a message to the International Conference On Islamic Revolution and Monotheistic Religions held on the advent of 40th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran (February 11).
This is a very significant issue as it emphasises the unity of all monotheistic religions and underscores the commitment of all religious communities to respect each other.
The country's current blasphemy law, which has been in place since 1982, states that if Egyptians "promote, through speech, writing or any other medium, extremist ideas with the aim of spreading discord," or "belittle or disdain one of the monotheistic religions or their different sects, or ...
Her column was the offshoot of a 'lifelong search for meaning that led her to Vaishnavism, a monotheistic Hindu philosophy that stressed the importance of devotion to God,' her son wrote.
It contains sites sacred to the three major monotheistic faiths - Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
''The status of Jerusalem as the holy city of the three monotheistic religions should be negotiated through Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that will lead to an agreement on the final status of the Palestinian Territories.'' This is stated in a position of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry on the decision of US President Donald Trump to declare Jerusalem capital of Israel.
The international community does not recognise the sovereignty of Israel on the entire city of Al-Quds, home to the holy sites of the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).
Cyprus maintains the view that the final status of Jerusalem, the holy city of the three monotheistic faiths, must be determined through negotiations in the framework of the Middle East Peace Process, the foreign ministry said on Thursday.
Though not monotheistic Hinduism, the dominant faith of Indians has one interesting similarity with Judaism.
Summary: All religions, monotheistic or otherwise, stress the sanctity of life because all life is sacred and natural law does not discriminate between color, gender or race.
The speeches opened new horizons for dialogue, cooperation and joint-action by all monotheistic religions against forces of darkness, evil and terrorism that are exercising their brutality in the name of religions.
"The policy of starving people in order to make people bow does not relate to any monotheistic region and humanitarian principles," the lawmaker tweeted, in reference to the besiegement of Madaya in northwest the Syrian capital.
Such terms reflect a monotheistic understanding of religion and are undoubtedly part of what Benjamin meant by the 'warts' in the Ph.D chapters.
Press, 2010), the book under review draws parallels between the beginnings of Islam and the formation of earlier monotheistic religious traditions.
Plans by the New England Sikh Study Circle to build a new, larger temple on Flanders Road in Westboro -- replacing a smaller one they have used in Milford since 1991 -- are an opportunity for all to learn more about one of the world's important monotheistic faiths, and celebrate the diverse and rich religious landscape of our nation.