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a believer in one god

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Thus sura 3:199, one of the two examples given, says that "There are among the People of the Book those who believe in God and what he has sent down to you and was sent down to them." Since the Quran as a whole is addressed to believers, this suggests to him that Muhammad's followers did not form a separate confessional community, but rather included monotheists from any community who believed in God and the last day and were prepared to live piously.
AaAaAa He also said that, during his stay in Morocco, he will take part in the international forum of Al Quds organized in solidarity with the Holy city which is undergoing a relentless judaization campaign aiming to alter the Arab-Islamic landmarks in the holy sites, including the Al Aqsa mosque.AaAa AaAaAa The international forum of Al Quds, to gather several eminent Arab and foreign personalities, will look into the general situation in the Holy city, cradle of the three monotheist religions.
Mashai wrote that both Iran and Islam "favor peaceful co-existence among the followers of the monotheist faiths." He said Iran "distinguishes between criminal statesmen and innocent peoples."
and God bless the United States of America." Though I am Jewish, and thus a monotheist not an atheist, I have never been comfortable with it, because it necessarily implies that if you do not believe in (a) God you are excluded.
This practice, Hawting alleges, is what one would expect in an environment marked by intense polemic among various kinds of monotheists-an idea he documents thoroughly in the third chapter, which shows that such hyperbolic use of charges of "idolatry" was quite common in the monotheist polemic of many periods-Christian, Jewish, and Muslim.
As long as philosophy was united with theology the existence of a natural desire for God was accepted by most monotheist thinkers.
Such selectivity becomes even more problematic in light of the author's assertion that "it was easier for Islam to translate the old, monotheist respect for animal life into regulations..." (p.
The outcome on who will control the city, sacred to the followers of the three monotheist religions, will be critical.
It is the world's oldest continuous holy place, sacred not only to Jews but to Christians, who recognize Abraham and Sarah as the father and mother of many nations." It is equally revered by Muslims, for whom Abraham-or Ibrahim-was the first monotheist and "friend of God."
In the Quran the only good Christian or Jew is one who matches the Islamic ideal, the strict monotheist who accepted Islam or would have, if he had lived long enough to hear Muhammad.
"We Iranian Jews condemn the spiteful, brazen, warmongering and unrealistic statements of Netanyahu, and reiterate that neither him (Netanyahu) nor any other alien has the right to meddle in Iran's affairs," Marreh Sadeq said, addressing an open session of the Iranian parliament on Wednesday.Ee "The Zionist regime's prime minister with its long track record of crime, occupation, assault, savagery and manslaughter cannot comment on Iran's international conditions or the global peace or the relations of the monotheist Iranian nation with other world countries," he said.
"A group of the world arrogant powers voice their concerns over the heroic progress of the monotheist Iranian nation with inhumane sanctions and another group with undocumented and unreal claims," Marreh Sedq said in a statement.
Two box sets are also being released: one in stereo and the other in monotheist albums are those released in Britain, and retain the original artwork and track listings.
"The Iranian Jews like all free and monotheist people of the world condemn the genocide in Gaza and voice hatred for it," he added.
The Iranian religious minorities also "believe that insulting any of the monotheistic religions is as an insult to all monotheist religions", it added.