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a word or utterance of one syllable


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It suggests that monosyllabic word lists should also be used in postoperative audiologic evaluation and follow-up of patients.
325 Position of non hesitative prolongation in word Monosyllabic word M SD Min Max RG (n = 15) 0.
In monosyllabic words, stress falls on the only syllable, as shown in Table (1) below.
Results demonstrated that multisyllabic words were identified with significantly greater accuracy than monosyllabic words.
Satariano had seven gay and seven heterosexual males record a list of monosyllabic words, such as "mass," "food," and "sell".
This test consists of 10 monosyllabic word lists, for a total of 30 phonemes.
Various speech stimuli, such as monosyllabic words, bisyllabic words, and sentences, were explored to develop tests for threshold and suprathreshold measurements.
Bliss's 3B1 pattern [(x x x x) x/x | /] differs from Sievers's A3 type in only one respect: the final monosyllabic word.
Who knew such a small, inoffensive, monosyllabic word could be hurtful?
Scores for the monosyllabic word tests are not significantly different from each other among the three strategies, nor are the scores for a wide range of other speech reception measures.
A simple, monosyllabic word like "troi" (to turn) becomes a bisyllabic "tyrrrroi", often delivered in a shower of saliva
In addition, there was one monosyllabic word in the list consisting of a diphthong and ending with a voiceless stop, namely ait 'granary, NSg'.
R] either in a monosyllabic word or when the following unstressed syllable contains a short vowel different from a.
12] Moreover, the present study revealed that recognition is better for easy words and disyllabic words, compared to difficult or monosyllabic words, which is consistent with the findings of Krull et al .
000 inflected forms, only 138 (lexical) monosyllabic words are found; within this subset, 28 only consist of open syllables.