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having or characterized by or consisting of one syllable

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The reproofs suited her best of all: while I scolded she would chip away with her pen-knife at a pencil or a pen; fidgetting a little, pouting a little, defending herself by monosyllables, and when I deprived her of the pen or pencil, fearing it would be all cut away, and when I interdicted even the monosyllabic defence, for the purpose of working up the subdued excitement a little higher, she would at last raise her eyes and give me a certain glance, sweetened with gaiety, and pointed with defiance, which, to speak truth, thrilled me as nothing had ever done, and made me, in a fashion (though happily she did not know it), her subject, if not her slave.
At this unexpected answer, a hoarse murmur arose from the deputation; and the same gentleman who had expressed an opinion relative to the gammoning nature of the introductory speech, again made a monosyllabic demonstration, by growling out 'Resign!' Which growl being taken up by his fellows, swelled into a very earnest and general remonstrance.
He whittled and listened, gave monosyllabic replies, and, when it was asked, terse advice.
For the time he appears unequal to any other reply than this lazy monosyllabic assent.
But Gilliam, 78, told the Radio Times: "I'm the instinctive, monosyllabic American and he's the tall, very suave one.
He's great at the bone-crunching fights monosyllabic anti-hero but the film doesn't know what it is.
Of course, The Bodyguard needs a title character, in this case a French Frank Farmer in the form of chisel-jawed, salt and pepper-haired BenoA[R]t Marechal, all neat pecs and monosyllabic masculinity.
"He is just nothing - monosyllabic. When he comes on with us, he is a benign presence.
They cover echo formations and expressions in South Asian languages: a probe into significant areal phenomena; reduplication in the Munda languages; bla(h), bla(h), bla(h): usage and meaning of a repetitive all-rounder reduplicative constructions involving distortion: an overview of Greek data with emphasis on the echo-word construction; circumventing bisyllabic minimality; how to reduplicate monosyllabic verbs in (South-)East Africa Bantu languages; non-canonical behavior of reduplicated ideophones in Komi; and (non-)canonical reduplication.
"Sorry Gareth," said Moore, well used to monosyllabic responses from players.
And I have to say that's fine by me; I'm glad not everyone takes the same tack with the press as him, but I can live with the monosyllabic interviews and the Mr Grumpy act.
Speech discrimination tests were carried out in a silent environment with monosyllabic and trisyllabic word lists.
Declan is a guy's guy: stoic, plain in his tastes, and monosyllabic in conversation.
Why should we allow our diverse language to be diminished by these monosyllabic incursions.