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having or characterized by or consisting of one syllable

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And Claire, making monosyllabic replies to her friend's remarks, was able to bend her mind to the task of finding out how she stood on this important Pickering issue.
Mrs Lammle made leading remarks to Fledgeby, only requiring monosyllabic replies.
If the truth must be told, even Mr Swiveller's approaches to the single gentleman were of a very distant kind, and met with small encouragement; but, as he never returned from a monosyllabic conference with the unknown, without quoting such expressions as
By contrast, Evanovich's Ranger is a Latino version of Hawk, the darkly menacing, monosyllabic backup man Parker created for his Spenser detective series.
Mel took this as a jibe about his size and, after a few monosyllabic responses, stalked off the set on his four-inch Cuban heels.
Geisel's legacy includes more than 40 children's books dating back to 1937, with phrases made of monosyllabic words peppered with invented nouns and verbs that fulfill the metric and rhyme schemes and complement the bizarre-looking but harmless creatures in his pen-and-ink illustrations - those fur-tufted crosses between dogs and camels ridden by half-human characters with wispy, springy tendrils for hair.
He says otherwise savvy business executives often take meaningless numbers seriously, and he mocks those who posit that "the inchoate and monosyllabic utterances of respondents commenting on test advertisements [are] 'opening a window into the human soul.
This phenomenon is not solely the fault of the monosyllabic idiots who make up the majority of the fan base but also of the management who approve in-game entertainment that shows opposing players painting their nails or kissing.
that most of the major decisions made by the president were made at the ungodly hour of 4 o'clock in the morning after he had had some sessions with his friends with monosyllabic surnames.
Meanwhile, Charlton Heston's Player King is portentously mannered, and Gerard Depardieu's French accent, even in a cameo limited to a few monosyllabic lines, has no business being there at all.
In "How Native Son Was Born" Keneth Kinnamon reads the characterization of Bigger at the end of the novel as a man "left in existential solitude as the simple, monosyllabic concluding sentences sound the knell of that fate which inexorably follows his fear and flight" (118).
The purest distillation of this is the working-class top--the shirt of a gas station attendant or team bowler, with a monosyllabic labic name like "Mike" or "Joe" stitched on the pocket--that is so popular among prep school and college kids.
Although in sonnet form, her verses limp along "dans la glu de l'etre" or stutter in monosyllabic echoes (e.
And I'm as disgusted as Newsweek by the nightly appearance of two monosyllabic pinheads primarily concerned with blowing up animals and passing gas.
Even beginning readers will discover important issues, since some comic strips now discuss them in simple, monosyllabic language.