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having or characterized by or consisting of one syllable

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At this unexpected answer, a hoarse murmur arose from the deputation; and the same gentleman who had expressed an opinion relative to the gammoning nature of the introductory speech, again made a monosyllabic demonstration, by growling out 'Resign
He whittled and listened, gave monosyllabic replies, and, when it was asked, terse advice.
For the time he appears unequal to any other reply than this lazy monosyllabic assent.
And I have to say that's fine by me; I'm glad not everyone takes the same tack with the press as him, but I can live with the monosyllabic interviews and the Mr Grumpy act.
Speech discrimination tests were carried out in a silent environment with monosyllabic and trisyllabic word lists.
Declan is a guy's guy: stoic, plain in his tastes, and monosyllabic in conversation.
Why should we allow our diverse language to be diminished by these monosyllabic incursions.
With the Terminator franchise now into its 30th year (the original was released in 1986) this exciting reboot pays homage to the source material while putting a fresh action-packed spin on the indestructible robot played by Arnie, back for more monosyllabic fun.
Other poems, however, demand less praise and rely too heavily on abstraction and utilitarian monosyllabic words.
Drawing on both synchronic and diachronic data, he finds that the shift is not complete and is progressing at different rates, that the type of action influences how it is represented, that all the languages were more verb-framed during the 19th century than they are now, and that the typological change over the past two centuries correlates with the change of Chinese from a monosyllabic to a disyllabic language.
In the event Maggie did not jump but in a maelstrom of monosyllabic, single word sentences, nothing is clear, except that Joey has died.
A surefire crowdpleaser with ravishing imagery and immensely likable subjects (no monosyllabic NASA types here), "Fever" seems headed for wider orbits.
Alison Steadman, below, is Pauline Paradise, the totally taken for granted wife to monosyllabic mechanic Ken (Duncan Preston) and their brood of thankless adult children which includes Coronation Street's Graeme Hawley (who was serial killer John Stape) playing another teacher.
Bruce Willis popped along to the Spirit Sth Awards in Santa Monica on Saturday with wife Emma Heming, 34, above, and was asked about his Spirit wife Emma his ce on the that monosyllabic, painful-to-watch appearance on the t h ancy, t sofa.
One critique refers to 'the spartan trimester, the subject-verb-object structure, the monosyllabic masculine rhymes, the use of anaphora'.