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a board used for playing monopoly

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Voters have also been suggesting what they'd like to see on the Huddersfield Monopoly board.
So instead of dusting off your ancient Scrabble set or tatty old Monopoly board, we've come up with an action-packed game of our own - 3am's Celebrity Snakes & Ladders.
ON PRESENTS LIST: Clockwise, from top left, Daleks from the Dr Who range, a selection of Transformer toys for Christmas, a Nintendo Wii console, Disney toys and the timeless Monopoly board
Allowing fans to Pass Go on an Arsenal Monopoly board is expected to further boost 100million sales of the game worldwide.
What are the six pieces that a player can use to move round a monopoly board? 9.
Huddersfield made its distinct mark on the Monopoly board earlier when a special Yorkshire version was produced.
The new Irish Monopoly is expected to be a big seller, along with the Big Brother and Coronation Street Monopoly board games.
LINGERIE tycoon Michelle Mone has fulfilled a childhood dream - by buying a new home in the area renowned as the most expensive spot on a Monopoly board.
n HAVE BOARD, WILL TRAVEL Dickon Tysoe plans to visit all the places mentioned on the Yorkshire Monopoly board on his 'monkey' bike A BIZARRE venture to raise money for charity is to take to the roads.
Which of the following stations does not feature on a standard Monopoly board? Charing Cross, Kings Cross or Fenchurch Street?
And a spokesman said last night: "You could say we are dead chuffed to get on the Monopoly board. Edinburgh station is a very important part of our business.
Gone is the winning Monopoly Board dream of building hotels on Mayfair and being an automatic winner.
Toy giant Waddingtons got the red card yesterday for relegating Scotland to a down-market spot on the Monopoly board.
So Donald Trump thinks it is okay to buy any country he fancies, Some world leaders might like the idea and start hiking their "For Sale" prices, Maybe eBay could start a special section, just for Trump to buy a country or two, Start bidding on Greenland now, and I am sure a bid from Putin would soon come through, Maybe in the future the president could take his Monopoly board with him when he meets members of state, That way he could buy all the houses and hotels to his liking, wouldn't that be great?
In which US state is Atlantic City on which the original monopoly board game was based?