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"They can't monopolize this market without studying it very well.
"That is really the fault of all bad people, that they think that they monopolize evil in this country.
'There is a legitimate fear among regular TNVS users that Grab's acquisition of Uber's operations in the country will lead to higher fares, which is the natural consequence when a player monopolizes a particular industry,' Pimentel said in a statement on Wednesday.
The government, he assured, will not sell its assets to individuals or companies that may monopolize them.
My comments relate to Chapter 3, titled "How 'Monopolizing Conduct,' 'Attempts to Monopolize,' and 'Exclusionary or Foreclosing Conduct' Should Be Defined by Economists."
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lashed out at the western powers for their attempts to monopolize science and technology.
Summary: A Syrian opposition group Tuesday accused the Muslim Brotherhood of "escalating" attempts to monopolize the opposition-in-exile, as it met in Istanbul to elect top civilian and military officials.
Committee members say a president having no party belonging will not be able to monopolize the power in the country.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi foreign minister Hoshiar Zebari stated in Manama Forum that "Iraq is the master of itself and no country can monopolize political decision there".
The network, with an investment of 5 billion yuan ($816 billion), could monopolize the courier service industry in China in the near future.
In a decision issued earlier this week, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas dismissed AAOs claims that Travelport monopolizes distribution to travel agencies, that Travelport entered into a conspiracy with travel agencies to monopolize distribution, that TravelportOs agreements with airlines and travel agencies unlawfully restrain trade, and that TravelportOs actions are illegal under Texas state law.
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NNA - 26/06/2011 Deputy Nidal Tohme sided with Hezbollah in its quest to fend off Israeli aggressions, but refused to allow the Resistance to monopolize domestic politics.
He also said Macedonia never tried to monopolize the term "Macedonian".
Syria: No Country Should Monopolize Arab League Secretariat General