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paralysis of a single limb

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CNS tuberculoma usually presents with ophthalmologic symptoms, papillary oedema, intracranial hypertension, hemiplegia, hemiparesis, monoplegia, aphasia, cerebellar symptoms, cranial nerves lesions, epilepsy.
(6) defined brachial plexus neuritis as secondary to HZ in their postmortem investigation of a 78-year-old female patient with monoplegia in the left upper extremity died due to myocardial infarction.
The majority of participants had tetraplegia (59%), whereas 21 percent had diplegia, 16 percent had hemiplegia, and 2 percent had monoplegia. One participant did not respond to the item concerning the area of the body affected by CP.
Other symptoms to be expected in benign brain tumours would include headache, vomiting, visual deterioration (papilloedema), focal symptoms (like focal epilepsy, monoplegia, deafness and aphasia), dizziness, personality changes and mental deterioration.
Spastic Monoplegia - one limb is affected, usually an arm.
The study excluded patients with minor symptoms, isolated sensory symptoms, a history of seizures, possible migraine with prolonged aura, monoplegia, or paraplegia.
She was admitted with a diagnosis of meningoencephalitis with associated focal motor radiculitis versus monoplegia secondary to cerebrovascular ischemia.