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having male and female reproductive organs in the same plant or animal

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Monoicous bryophytes develop both male and female gametangia on the one stem and have been found to be self-fertilising in the mosses Phascum cuspidatum, Pottia truncata and Weissia controversa (Roads and Longton 2003).
Rhaphidorrhynchium amoenum is a monoicous species widespread throughout Australia and New Zealand (Scott and Stone 1976).
Rhapidorrhynchium amoenum is recognised as a monoicous species (Scott and Stone 1976) and although the majority of stems expressed monoicy, a number of stems were found to bear solely female or solely male organs (Table 2a).
Rhynchostegium tenuifolium did not bear any female only or male only stems; all stems bore both sexes as expected for a monoicous species (Table 2c).
extenuata, and two monoicous species, Rhaphidorrhynchium amoenum and Rhynchostegium tenuifolium.