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Synonyms for monoestrous

having one estrous cycle per year


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The only reproductive event observed (i.e., maximum pregnancy during the driest period in January-February) indicated a monoestrous reproductive pattern for A.
Reproductive pattern is asynchronic continual monoestrous (Sanchez-Hernandez and Romero-Almaraz, 1995b).
Reproductive pattern is seasonal monoestrous, with activity at the end of the humid season (Wilson, 1979).
Reproductive pattern is seasonal monoestrous (Pfrimmer Hensley and Wilkins, 1988).
Reproductive pattern is seasonal monoestrous, and 2-4 young are born (Baker and Dickerman, 1956).
Reproductive pattern is seasonal monoestrous. It is a protected species according to Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-059-ECOL-2001 (Secretaria de Medic, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, 2002).
TABLE 10-1 Ovarian cycles of different mammalian species Classification Classification Length of Cycle Species (Estrus) (Ovulation) (Days) Human Menstrual Spontaneous 24-32 cycle Cattle Polyestrous Spontaneous 20-21 Swine Polyestrous Spontaneous 19-21 Sheep Seasonally Spontaneous 16-17 polyestrous Horse Seasonally Spontaneous 20-22 polyestrous Rabbit Polyestrous Induced 1-2 (non-mated) 14-15 (infertile male) Rat Polyestrous Spontaneous 4-5 (non-mated) 13-14 (infertile male) Dog Monoestrous - Spontaneous 84-252 polyestrous Follicular Luteal Phase Species Phase (Days) (Days) Human 10-14 12-15 Cattle 2-3 18-19 Swine 5-6 15-17 Sheep 1-2 14-15 Horse 5-6 15-16 Rabbit 1-2 0 (non-mated) 13 (infertile male) Rat 2 2-3 (non-mated) 11-12 (infertile male) Dog 18 63
Monoestrous Exhibiting one estrous cycle each year.