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having a single vocal part


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From bibliographical information in letters by Luther's amanuensis, Georg Rorer, the 1529 edition included seventeen German Biblical canticles and most of them must have appeared with simple monodic chants covering all the eight modes (23).
Wistreich thus adds his voice to the chorus of recent scholarship that has reassigned the origins of the "monodic revolution" from seventeenth-century Florence to sixteenth-century Naples.
He explores Luther as a musician, his theological understanding of music, and considers the link between hymnody and catechesis, the liturgical functions of his hymns, and his use of liturgical monodic chant.
The Cantigas de Santa Maria (hereafter CSM), (1) the great work of Marian devotion masterminded by Alfonso X of Castile, combines and coordinates three artistic enterprises--a versified miracle collection, a vast repertoire of monodic song, and a wealth of illustrative miniatures.
Such a discursive formation is taken to include lyric groups in which: a) at the enunciative level one can see the presence of monodic enunciations with a figurative and abstract nature, b) the representational level consists of groups in which one can construct autonomous areas of an auratic-essentialist condition.
According to Tribble, "The Tempest examines the cognitive and emotive costs of misrecognizing the intersubjective nature of memory and relying upon a monodic model of memory and cognition."
If it didn't sound like platitudinising, I would say that that his undisguisedly monodic Chramove solo [Temple Solo] was outstanding for its purity and well thought out, elegant simplicity.
Casanova invents the 'monodic style' (is this the opposite of the 'choral style' recently in fashion?).
She has written Performance and Gender in Ancient Greece: Nondramatic Poetry in Its Setting (Princeton 1997) and a number of articles on women in antiquity and on Greek monodic poetry.
The movements of Veterem hominem are separated by (mostly quite well known) monodic hymns of the Sarum Use, sung in each case by a single voice.
Mandrell, 'Grocheo and the Measurability of Medieval Monodic Song', Current Musicology, xi (1971), 89-90.
Behind all the supposed spirituality and mysticism that have been attributed to Martin's Formalist paintings, the development of her increasingly hermetic, ultimately monodic works shows her working through a death wish but unwittingly submitting to it.
The introit is a psalm or antiphon sung or said while the priest approaches the altar for the Eucharist, and "Puer natus est nobis" is definitely one of the best-known pieces of the Gregorian repertoire and has become a symbol of the ancient Christmas monodic tradition.
Obaudite me starts with monodic declamation by one of the tenors, followed by short sections in falsobordone, homophonic, and imitative textures.
Sappho is without doubt the greatest among the "monodic" poets.