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Put differently, the HDZ and the SPS were characterized by the monocratic form of headship, 'defined by the prime role of a single person in the shaping of a group's decision', where 'the entire organization tends to identify with him' (Schonfeld, 1981: 231).
For all their pride in being "citizens" rather than "subjects," Americans hanker for the firm smack of command from a monocratic sovereign.
Their monocratic type, in contrast, exhibited unified HR and task control; the monocratic supervisor has control in both HR and task domains.
Principles such as the necessity of rules, files, monocratic hierarchy, division of labor, continuous organization, salaries, professional staff, and so on, as described by Weber, seem obvious and commonplace to us now, but only because of his pioneering observations when the generic characteristics of emerging bureaucracies were not obvious.
And the commitment to scientific method, betokened by the emphasis on educational credentials, fits uneasily with a functional fusion of roles under monocratic patrimonialism.
But this had never entirely happened since May 1997 because of the twin peak of the Blair administration, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, a great crag standing in the way of a thoroughly monocratic government.
The sheer variety of interests, routines, jargon, and perspectives in the network can break the monocratic view.
Perhaps the redundancies built into governance by the Constitution obscured the monocratic logic elaborated in routinized administrative activities.