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Synonyms for monocracy

a government in which a single leader or party exercises absolute control over all citizens and every aspect of their lives

Synonyms for monocracy

a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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The statement quoted Barazani affirming that under any circumstances no Iraqi component could be excluded or margined, pointing out the necessity not to allow monocracy prevail in Iraq.
There is no way a monocracy could suddenly realize that nothing is done in the economy and that medication prices have increased by 40%," Stanishev declared, as cited by dnevnik.
The lack of cultural freedom over basic lifestyle issues as well as the ongoing violation of human rights, corruption, high inflation, unemployment and a political system which is increasingly moving towards monocracy are turning the country into a ticking bomb.
In France a Socialist Senator described his proposed reforms as "a monocracy, the power of one".
Failures to respect (or indeed failures to sign up to) international systems of control and justice, as has been shown by the US monocracy, in this sense, are a significant obstacle to the world's hope.