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a person who is completely color-blind

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(15-17) Some typical monochromats are able to arrange the hues according to perceived contrast.
The researchers determined that the studied sharks, in this case two wobbegong species, are cone monochromats. This means that the sharks only had one type of cone and one type of rod gene, supporting that they are colour-blind.
* Monochromats and dichromats (lacking green or red cones) are not qualified to examine stains.
Deviations from normal color vision include the total absence of color vision found in monochromats, or the limited color vision found in dichromats, who lack one of the three kinds of cones, and are therefore are unable to distinguish some colors distinguishable by trichromats.
Monochromats cannot distinguish wavelength differences in photopic illumination and are able to match all the spectral hues using a single variable.