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of or relating to an element consisting of a single atom


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Hence, the current result will still hold true for gas molecules with higher degrees of freedom; that is, the distribution of diversity is always exactly the same for an ideal gas, whether monoatomic or polyatomic.
It provides a tool for identifying pharmaceutical raw materials such as monoatomic salts using minimally destructive LIBS technology, giving users a pass/ fail result within seconds.
Here, k = 1.66 is the plasma channel specific heat ratio, considering plasma as an ionized monoatomic mixture, [T.sub.u] the unburned gas temperature, p the gas pressure and [] the inter-electrode distance.
Liquid gold in modern day New Age-speak can be sourced to monoatomic gold, a substance obtained from peat moss and other decaying organic matter.
The amount of monoatomic phenols makes up less than 3% of the total water-soluble phenols formed during the shale oil production process.
Liquid monoatomic hydrogen is not stable under normal conditions; its Gibbs energy has been estimated by Roy and Rodgers [56] and is reported in Table 1.
A description of the spherically symmetric potential as a function of intermolecular separation, averaged over all molecular orientations, suffices to calculate dilute gas viscosities, thermal conductivities, and diffusion coefficients of monoatomic gases.
The non-toxic monoatomic gold also acts upon the pituitary gland, inducing an increase in hormonal production, and is thus a rejuvenation agent.
Iodine exists in nature in several inorganic forms including iodates ([IO.sub.3.sup.-]]), iodides ([I.sup.-]), and organic monoatomic iodine (C-I).
Chemical complexes of monovalent gold readily disproportionate in solution with formation of metallic monoatomic gold and trivalent gold according to the reaction 3[AU.sup.+] [right arrow] 2AU[degrees] + [AU.sup.+++].
Because the instrument is not well calibrated for low masses, we have identified this monoatomic peak as sodium by use of an independent compositional analysis of the SELDI chips.
Long-chain, so-called 'the other alkylresorcinols' constitute about 35% and monoatomic phenols about 3% of total water-soluble phenols.