monkey wrench

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adjustable wrench that has one fixed and one adjustable jaw

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Pourbox is now throwing a monkey wrench into the traditional way bars and beer gardens have operated for years.
Favourite song The Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench Favourite TV programme The Big Bang Theory Where is your favourite place in the world?
Finally they kneecap him with a monkey wrench and administer electric shocks as he begs for mercy.
Loring invented the monkey wrench. He and his brother had mansions down the street from where this photo was taken.
A possible monkey wrench is that former "Bachelorette" Emily Maynard's engagement to Jeff Holm dissolved after both were accused of cheating.
Living with disability throws a monkey wrench into all these various stages and makes establishing an identity, finding our way in the world, much less finding a partner or leaving a meaningful mark, all the more challenging.
"Monkey Wrench" is a novel from Terri Thayer as she presents a story of Dewey Pellicano's quilt shop which seems to be struggling in its day to day operations.
He added that the incessant violence was throwing a monkey wrench in Arab
The editors said, 'Whether we're talking the International Space Station, a C-17, or a Humvee, tin whiskers can throw a monkey wrench into system functionality, and even result in loss of life.
So Wilson becomes The Crimson Bolt, squeezed into a red costume and brandishing a monkey wrench with which he bashes the bad guys.
"If the trend we observe continues, it could throw a monkey wrench into long-range weather forecasting, which is largely based on our understanding of El Ninos from the latter half of the twentieth century."
Expect all the hits from Learn To Fly and Monkey Wrench to Best Of You.
She said she saw her mum leave the house with a slash hook and a long monkey wrench and handed them to Pinder.
And, adding a monkey wrench to the whole situation my son, who has asthma, couldn't use one of the drops--but, you know what, someone had already developed a drop just for people with asthma --amazing!