monkey wrench

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adjustable wrench that has one fixed and one adjustable jaw

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So Wilson becomes The Crimson Bolt, squeezed into a red costume and brandishing a monkey wrench with which he bashes the bad guys.
If the trend we observe continues, it could throw a monkey wrench into long-range weather forecasting, which is largely based on our understanding of El Ninos from the latter half of the twentieth century.
Expect all the hits from Learn To Fly and Monkey Wrench to Best Of You.
She said she saw her mum leave the house with a slash hook and a long monkey wrench and handed them to Pinder.
THE ARKANSAS COURT OF Appeals certainly threw a monkey wrench into Southwestern Electric Power Co.
FOUR teenagers were arrested after police found a monkey wrench in their car.
McKeown said police showed him a 16-inch monkey wrench which, the Youngs claim, he brought into the pub.
Dioxin throws a monkey wrench into a number of cellular processes," says Linda Birnbaum of the U.
1969: Dave Grohl, former Nirvana drummer and now frontman of the Foo Fighters - whose hits include Learning To Fly, All My Life and Monkey Wrench, is 39 today
The gang also burst into Leamington plumbing suppliers Plumbsave, in Clemens Street, where they threatened staff with a monkey wrench before escaping with more than pounds 3,000.
He is best known for his published journal Desert Solitaire and his novel The Monkey Wrench Gang.
In the mid-1970s, he finished what would become his best-known novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang.
Even though we plan and have good procedures in place, something is going to go out of control and throw a monkey wrench into our efforts.
But turning in incomplete assemblies throws a monkey wrench in their plan.
On the surface, UCLA's game plan figures to be more wide open, but Stanford offers a King Kong-sized monkey wrench.