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large Chilean evergreen conifer having intertwined branches and bearing edible nuts

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It would only have added to their surprise when in 1871 the first tree to be planted by landowner John Bowes and his French wife Josephine in the grounds was an exotic monkey puzzle, a now endangered native of South America.
Tiddler And Other Terrific Tales Under the sea, out on the farm and into the jungle, these terrific tales are woven together with live music, puppetry and a whole host of characters from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's best-loved titles: Tiddler, Monkey Puzzle, The Smartest Giant In Town and A Squash And A Squeeze.
She's now manager of the Monkey Puzzle Nursery and After School Centre in Glasgow, and is a former winner of Nursery Manager of the Year at the Nursery Management Today awards.
Stan Cosgrove (pictured) 90 manager of Moyglare Stud 1971-2013; Garth Puller 66 champion jockey in South Africa 1977-78; Alberto Delgado 53 US champion apprentice 1982; Darwin Banach 52 trainer of Classic Stamp & Sky Conqueror; Stephen DiMauro 60 trainer of Two Item Limit & Monkey Puzzle; David Kinsella 37 rider of Downland & Raven's Pass; Freddy di Fede 34 rider of Ashalanda; Peter McNeile 54 clerk of the course at Warwick 1992-96 & Kempton 1996-98; Christopher Hodgson 68 chairman of The Cotswolds Club; Bill Bromley 74 former joint-owner of Wood Farm Stud; Patrick Holmes 59 Middleham trainer; Barry Morgan 76 former Burton-on-Trent trainer Please notify birthday greetings to us at least one week before publication
Tiddler and other Terrific Tales, featuring the colourful characters from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's popular tales Tiddler, Monkey Puzzle, The Smartest Giant in Town and A Squash and a Squeeze, will come to the Coventry theatre on Monday, June 27.
Cameras reveal the secret lives of pumas and hummingbirds, soar with condors over glacial peaks and explore monkey puzzle forests.
From the terrace, steps lead down to the garden, which has a lawn and a monkey puzzle tree in the centre.
The trees destroyed include Chilean wine palms, monkey puzzle trees and Gunnera tinctoria, which were planted as part of the park's Gateway to Chile project.
Llinos Lanini with her photograph 'monkey puzzle 'at the Scala gallery in Prestatyn and top) her winning picture entitled Siop y Pentre
Immediately outside our window was a giant Monkey Puzzle tree, which towered above the house and whose branches framed the moon almost as if they were holding it.
THEATERFESTIVAL BOULEVARD: Entering the orbit of this southern Dutch town are several notable imports from nearby Belgium, including the world premiere of a new work by avant-garde writer/director Arne Sierens, co-founder of Ghent-based Compagnie Cecilia--an artist described in Le Figaro as "one of the few figures in European theatre who understands and interprets the sadness of the world, without being pedantic, without being political." Titled Apenverdriet (Monkey Puzzle Tree), the new: piece promises to delve into the sad state of two female characters.
ANSWERS: 1 Canada; 2 Manhattan; 3 Thor Heyerdahl; 4 Dracula; 5 Monkey Puzzle; 6 Tchaikovsky; 7 A stagecoach robbery; 8 Tic-tac-toe; 9 Compact Disc Read-Only Memory; 10 A Few Good Men.
The Monkey Puzzle Tree by Elizabeth Nickson (Vintage Canada, 3.95 [pounds sterling])
Rita Wong's latest book of poetry is Monkey Puzzle.
The proposals cover more than 60 groups of species, ranging from the African elephant to Malagasy poison frogs and the monkey puzzle tree.