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The TV series Monkey Business was a hit all over the world.
Having divined that the long-term lesson of the Scopes trial is that "ever since 1925", anti-Darwinists have been handicapped by their association with fundamentalist Christianity," they devote the last third of Monkey Business to an offensive against the Darwinians on their own turf.
Monkey Business is a madcap musical journey, mixing basslines with Latin rhythms, witty rhymes and hiphop beats.
This monkey business takes you to a make-believe jungle, where you will gallop like horses, hop like frogs, climb like monkeys, slither like snakes, and stomp like elephants.
But no matter how many people we register and drive to the polls, the possibilities for monkey business are numerous and arcane.
Teachers can order Monkey Business by e-mailing Donna Ricketts at donna.
Actually it was the magician Jonathan Goodwin, aka The Colonel, one of the stars of Monkey Business, a new TV magic show.
To perform the often technically complex acts which their monkey business campaign required, store workers needed help.
Brett Crawford of Utah snagged Huf's rail pop and Drehobl's Burnside monkey business from the same photo feature
A charge related to some monkey business with another $600,000-plus in loans was dropped in exchange for his plea.
LOS ANGELES: The monkey business among chimps is perplexing zoo keepers.
It was Broadhurst who chartered the Monkey Business, the boat that took Hart and Donna Rice to the Bahamas.
MONKEY BUSINESS Boys get a heads up in this gorilla beanie reduced from PS11 to PS3, John Lewis
The Monkey Business mother and toddler group met and the free lunches were served.