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Synonyms for monitor



  • prefect
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Synonyms for monitor

someone who supervises (an examination)


someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided

electronic equipment that is used to check the quality or content of electronic transmissions

a piece of electronic equipment that keeps track of the operation of a system continuously and warns of trouble

any of various large tropical carnivorous lizards of Africa and Asia and Australia

keep tabs on

check, track, or observe by means of a receiver

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[ClickPress, Fri Aug 16 2019] Fact.MR has analyzed the demand for baby monitors and has projected that the sale of baby monitors Market is expected to grow at a rate of 8.4% during the period of assessment, 2017-2026.
27 -- ASUS announced that they will be launching a new Gaming monitor in 2017 with a refresh rate of 240Hz and feature Nvidia's G-Sync technology.
announces the release of a new version of IPHost Network Monitor, its reliable network and server monitoring software.
CPAs who use dual monitors are finding that the addition of a third or fourth monitor also pays dividends.
Posts a record-high market share of 17.9 percent in sales terms for 2009,maintaining unrivalled reputation for quality and innovationMiddle East -- April 13, 2010 -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, achieved its highest-ever market share for computer monitors last year, holding the No.
According to the company, DoubleSight's Smart USB Monitors are an advance in the multi monitor solution category, as USB facilitates adding these monitors to any computer.
Modern Video Intercom systems utilize color LCD monitors by putting them into the intercom device and mounting them within easy reach of the resident.
All information runs through a communications control center, where 18 computer monitors display and store all the information for 30 days.
Also supplies level controls, motor controllers, current/voltage and phase monitors, digital panel meters, temperature controls, PLCs, inductive sensors, and solid-state-relays.
Each meter monitors a specific location or activity, while the head-end software continuously retrieves, aggregates, and processes the information.
Another company, CyberAlert (, covers 25,000-plus news sources in 17 languages and, true to its name, even monitors web message boards and Usenet news groups, those labyrinths of cyberspace where conversations take place.
Since it was established in October 2004, the World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association (WR3A, has received purchase offers for more than 130,000 used monitors per month.
IPLocks 4.1 detects, analyzes and monitors database security policy violations, suspicious or malicious changes, structural integrity changes, as well as user access patterns to ensure secure, authorized business operations.
The Viterion Tele-Healthcare products, for example, require an LTC resident or caregiver to activate the health monitors, but HIPAA still demands a guarantee that intruders will not intercept the information.
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