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any of various large tropical carnivorous lizards of Africa and Asia and Australia

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As it is legal to keep the crocodile monitor lizard in California, thus if the rightful owner comes forward and can prove that the reptile belongs to him or her, animal control said they would give it back.
In addition to rediscovering Varanus douarrha, the researchers also note in their study their genetic analysis shows another monitor lizard, Varanus indicus, is "a relatively recent immigrant to the Bismarck Islands," the archipelago to the northeast of New Guinea where ( New Ireland  is located.
BRIDGE TOO FARA b l R BRIDGE TOO FAR Annabel leaves the jungle last night, and, right, a monitor lizard
Thakur got a jolt as he walked in to have a closer look -- a monitor lizard stared at him from under his bed.
A TWO-and-a-half stone monitor lizard sparked an alert after escaping from a flat in Humberside.
The 3ft-long monitor lizard shares his home in Seacroft, Leeds, with four dogs, five cats, a collection of exotic insects and hundreds of birds.
Washington, May 18 (ANI): Scientists have discovered two new monitor lizard species and one new subspecies in the Philippines.
One of the hundreds of thousands of creatures staying in the white building a stone's throw from Terminal 4, is a whitethroated monitor lizard.
The female Nile monitor lizard, which has never met a male of the species, left zoologists worldwide stunned by the unexpected birth.
But tonight Austin gets a new sidekick, an injured monitor lizard who he rescues and christens Rocky.
The seven-foot monitor lizard, called Sal, had come from a nearby room where he was the star turn at a launch for the pounds 6million series, Prehistoric Park.
For example, the recently discovered fruit-eating Northern Sierra Madre forest monitor lizard (Varanus bitatawa) in the Philippines is food for the critically endangered Philippine eagle.
Which rare Indonesian monitor lizard is the largest living lizard?
* An African savannah monitor lizard was captured in 2009 in a Libertyville backyard, where residents periodically had seen it sunning on the patio for weeks and had grown appreciative of the rodent control the lizard provided.
Summary: Fatehabad (Haryana) [India], June 25 (ANI): About three-feet long monitor lizard was found in the emergency ward of a government hospital in Fatehabad, Haryana on Tuesday.