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the doctrine that reality consists of a single basic substance or element

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However, what Constant and Tocqueville recognize that McCloskey does not is that modern commercial society tends toward the ethical monism that they all decry.
In chapter four, Daly examines reversibility within the Invisible, and switches her target from monism to mind-body dualism.
Plato, who had the biggest respect for Parmenides and apparently agreed with him, later in his dialogical treatise, Parmenides, criticized and opposed monism. Plato pointed out that although Parmenides maintains the unity of existence, he however ends up with a dualism, namely the idea of unity and the idea of existence (26).
The other thesis in Huang's book with which I am inclined to disagree--or at least about which I wish to raise a serious doubt--is the supposed total monism of the Neo-Confucians and of today's New Confucians as well.
Space constraints preclude me from discussing all the essays in detail, but those that stood out to me included Christopher Tilmouths essay, which takes up recent work on inter-subjectivity to show how this understanding of early modern selfhood helps us read accounts of the passions more accurately; Russ Leo's, on Spinoza; Cummings's 'Donne's Passions: Emotion, Agency and Language'; Felicity Greens essay on Montaigne and emotion; Katherine Fletcher on how Milton's monism pushes him to counter Cartesian dualism in his writing; and Katrin Ettenhuber's essay on Augustine, Donne, and grief.
1 OMNUS: "Omnetic Reality" and the Summary-Quiddity of Surjective Monism (the Surjective Monad Theory of Reality)
The article structure begins by the analysis of the legal monism and the path that led to the constitutional supremacy dogma, to then exploit the pluralism (or dualism) in order to prepare the ground to the exposition of the main object: the idea of a constitutional web.
The term monism often refers to oneness, the idea that there is only one, one whole, rather than various parts (Monism 2007).
His topics include a traditional approach to Hawthorne and the problem of materialism in Eisely, transcendental monism in Milton's Paradise Lost, Dr.
For what he labels a speculative alternative, Nagel proposes "neutral monism" by arguing thus: "since conscious organisms are not composed of a special kind of stuff, but can be constructed, apparently, from any of the matter in the universe, suitably arranged, it follows that this monism will be universal.
Biblical Theology ebbed in the 1970s as it became apparent that the Bible is far too eclectic to be reduced to a theological monism. Moreover, influences from postmodern thinking brought about the realization that the Bible is never read objectively but always is informed by the contemporary context of those who read and interpret it.
These chapters not surprisingly do not cover unified monism (which is so new its omission can be understood), but I think it could have covered appropriately panpsychism (mentioned later in the "Physics" section) and neutral monism.
Legal monism is the view that domestic and international law form a
According to him, since SDSM has nothing to lose, it will refuse to participate in the local elections and this will mean "monism in Macedonian politics that will have problems in the next four years." Arsim Sinani says that if one looks at it realistically, the current government now functions with incomplete capacity and realizes its objectives only.
If we simply debunk that primary non-ideal conceivability implies standard epistemic possibility, as Chalmers argues, then this debunking will, in turn, have consequences for the strong arguments by Chalmers against physicalist versions of monism. Thus, inside this framework, it might be possible to formulate a strong version of monism in which philosophical zombies are not epistemically possible only because they are non-ideally conceivable.