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Synonyms for monish

warn strongly

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admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior

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Samir and Monish have a compelling vision for disrupting the contract management market, as well as an unshakable commitment to creating a world-class workplace for all employees.
We positioned it according to the way Dubai dines," Monish explains.
3 ( ANI ): Superintendent of Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council Monish Malhotra and his close aide, Manas Patra, were arrested on criminal conspiracy and demand of illegal gratification charges by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Thursday.
The Roar" - Washington director Monish Gangwani chronicles a young man who loves art, music and poetry but who gives up his dreams to pursue "success" as others see it.
Monish Gujral, Moti Mahal's brand custodian, said the chef couldn't have chosen a more appropriate dish.
Kundan died in 1997, and now his grandson Monish has expanded and franchised the brand so it's fast becoming an Indian Carluccio's.
Insurers who have not been part of the bancassurance relationship due to single tieup allowed as a corporate agent will now have the option of selling policies through this channel," says Monish Shah, senior director, Deloitte in India.
By Monish Gujral /New Delhi A universal truth that continues to hold good is the appeal that good-looking food has.
Upon seeing Napoleon's plans for European domination, the elderly Jewish male in EASIER to say states 'I tink if I lend a little more monish at TurtyPerShent, it will soon annihilate dem.
Monish Shah, senior director, Deloitte India, said, 'The NOFHC (non-operative financial holding company) model will ring-fence the bank and other financial services businesses from other group companies enabling better supervision by the RBI, as well as capital protection.
Monish Verma, echoes this by saying that "EBTC is working in the context of rivers in India and helping to improve the technologies available (something better) for reducing industrial effluent flows into the river; integrating EU and other bilateral and multilateral efforts (something more); and developing EU-India partnerships at the cluster-level to address water innovation (something new).
Summary: Relying on personal instinct in a business is key to making a business succeed and having the courage and conviction in following your dream, says Monish Saini of Sorwah Trading
But at the same time the number of companies has grown four fold with around 45 insurance companies" said Monish Shah, director, Deloitte India.
A new set of investors may not emerge with the opening of a new technology channel," said Monish Shah, financial services director of Deloitte India.
Rubina Ali's estranged mother, Khurshid Monish Dewade, filed a complaint against the girl's father on Sunday, after the News of the World reported that he offered to give the child up for adoption in exchange for pounds 200,000 police said.