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an infection caused by fungi of the genus Monilia or Candida (especially Candida albicans)

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, marque con una "X" todas las que aplique Enfermedades Si No Moniliasis Pudricion parda Pudricion carbonosa Escoba de bruja Agallas Antracnosis Cancer de tronco Muerte regresiva Mal de machete Otros 33.
and Dilek; no correlation was found between HbA1c level and female SD while the study of Yildiz (2008) reported higher level of HbA1c and poorly controlled diabetes was crucial risk factors for female SD; which was similar to our findings.381011The most commonly encountered diabeticcomplications among women in our study werevaginal moniliasis (80.0%) and recurrent urinarysystem infections (75.6%).
Defective cellular immunity associated with chronic mucocutaneous moniliasis and recurrent staphylococcal botryomycosis: immunological reconstitution by allogeneic bone marrow.
Disseminated Aspergillosis and Moniliasis Associated with Agranulocytosis and Antibiotic Therapy.
With regard to the most common side effects considered possibly drug related, headache was reported in 14% of the subjects, metrorrhagia in 8%, dysmenorrhea in 7%, and nausea in 7%; moreover, abdominal pain was pointed out in 4%, breast pain in 4%, emotional lability in 3%, acne in 3%, depression in 2%, amenorrhea in 2%, and vaginal moniliasis in 2%.
World maps of average temperature and relative humidity for the present and future (2020, 2050 and 2080) for both scenarios (A2 and B2) were classified according to the classes of climate favorability for moniliasis. Based on the overlapping of selected maps of temperature and relative humidity, new monthly maps of moniliasis distribution in Brazil were devised.
Por un lado las condiciones ambientales fluctuantes, entre ellas los altos niveles de pluviosidad, dificultan el establecimiento de los injertos comerciales al favorecer la pudricion y, por otro, el caracter permanente de la produccion del cacao que conlleva a la falta de renovacion de los cultivos y el consecuente envejecimiento de los mismos (los cuales pueden alcanzar hasta 20 anos), generan bajas productividades; ademas las plantaciones viejas se hacen susceptibles a enfermedades como la moniliasis (Moniliophthora roreri) y escoba de bruja (Moniliophthora perniciosa), las cuales causan entre el 10 y el 95% de las perdidas del cultivo (Observatorio de Agrocadenas, 2008).
Each episode of antibiotics was associated with vaginal discharge and vaginal moniliasis. Some 18 months ago, she was placed on a complete nutritional program together with 6 tablets of colloidal silver/day.
First, justified by the possibility of including other infections often transmitted via sexual relations (moniliasis, for example); the change also removed some the negativity historically associated with the ancient name [1].
As regards sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the human papilloma virus (HPV), gonorrhea, syphilis and fungal infections (vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, candida, moniliasis, etc.) apparently can be transmitted between women; however, research in this area is also nonexistent.
The only other adverse events to occur in more than 2% of patients were 74 cases of genital moniliasis (3.0%) and 59 cases of nausea (2.4%).