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cause to become a mongrel


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* [dagger] mongrel mongrel V 1602 1662 make CAUSATIVE (mongrel) mongrelize V 1629 - make CAUSATIVE (mongrel) Base 2nd Der W-class Attested Meaning
was to mongrelize the language, deform and debase every convention, create a freak of culture, engender a misbegotten blot on the authorial landscape.
In October 1931 Latimer and Toomer were married in Portage, but they soon became the objects of a nationwide antimiscegenation scandal: Toomer, who claimed some African ancestry, was accused of trying to mongrelize America, and Latimer, who could trace her Anglo-American heritage back to Puritan poet Anne Bradstreet, was seen as a traitor to white racial purity.
Matt Hale of the World Church of the Creator, where he says stuff -- Jews look like rats, want to mongrelize the white race by promoting interracial marriage -- that demonstrates only one thing: He's nuts.
"Thus, allowing all individuals and groups, including those which now dominate district elections, to have the same opportunity to participate in party-list elections would desecrate this lofty objective and mongrelize the social justice mechanism into an atrocious veneer for traditional politics."
Indeed, the term internationaleries (coined by CoBrA member Christian Dotremont to mock and mongrelize the modernist pedigree of international avant-gardism) is an example of precisely such carnivalesquerie.
mongrelize the white race." (109) For the Justices to strike down