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We import mongo, peanuts, some vegetables and yet we go around the world promoting our coffee when we are also importing coffee," Piaol said.
Hodgepodge in structure, the first half of Mongo intersperses observations from the narrator's notebook, transcripts from his Sunday-morning cultural commentary radio program, and scenes from cafe life in which he chats with Mongo and his white Quebecoise girlfriend.
When it comes to empanada, our city offers the distinct taste of a savory filling of grated papaya, mongo, chopped Ilocano, longganisa and egg and its dough that serves as its thin and crisp wrapper made from rice flour," Rhaian Gamet, the Batac City's community affairs officer, said.
I told them, 'You don't have enough money with all the free lawyers that's gonna keep you in court," Mongo says.
Among the topics are the Cameroonian novel of English expression, two opposing trends in Mongo Beti's fiction as seen in Remember Ruban and Perpetua, the modernist character of Bate Besong's poetry, Bole Butake's 1999 Lake God and Other Plays, and Francis B.
Starting at 5pm, the sets will include re-workings of Billie Holiday's Don't Explain, Antonio Carlos Jobim's Corcovado, George Shearing's Lullaby of Birdland and Afro Blue, the latter penned by Mongo Santamaria, but popularised by John Coltrane.
ORGANIC LIP BALM WITH MONGONGO OIL: Eco Lips has introduced Mongo Kiss, a hydrating lip balm made with mongongo nut oil, which is rich in such nutrients as vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
Impetus has a strong focus and established thought leadership in the area of Big Data Analytics Ecosytem and regularly makes contributions to Hadoop and NoSQL DBs including Cassandra, Mongo DB, Membase and has a deep knowledge of Commercial MPP products and ETL, BI/Analytics tools.
Radicado en los Angeles a partir del 1987, Aguabella grabo y/o colaboro con innumerables figuras musicales a traves de su larga trayectoria artistica, incluyendo pero no limitandose a Barney Kessel, Emil Richards, Lalo Schifrin, Mongo Santamaria, Eddie Palmieri, Louie Bellson, Walfredo de Los Reyes, Cachao, Frank Sinatra, Tito Puente, Hugh Masakela, Weather Report, Cal Tjader, Nancy Wilson, Carlos Santana y Dizzy Gillespie (quien categorizo al influyente icono afrocubano como "El Coltrane de la tumbadora").
Comedy from the Farrelly brothers, starring Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger, Anthony Anderson, Mongo Brownlee and Robert Forster.
Mongo was a true bruiser of a buck and had the attitude to match.
La decision implica elevar el rango de la prefectura apostolica existente en las regiones de Mongo y Marjan Daffak, en esa nacion de diez millones de habitantes, de los cuales un 53% es musulman.
Carl already has his own four-legged friends at home including a cat, Alfie, which he got while gaining experience at a veterinary surgery and had to give mouth to mouth to in order to resuscitate it after the kitten was delivered by Caesarean section, and a dog called Mongo.
Zarkov traveled to the planet Mongo to stop the tyrant.
Since then the foundation has raised s250,000 for projects in Mongo, west Zambia.