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6m) cash credit of Indian metal products trading company Faridabad Steel Mongers Pvt Ltd.
This is nasty stuff, even if it's meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek, and it gives liberals cause to cry that conservatism has been taken over by shrill hate mongers.
He said gossipers and rumor mongers have caused previous misunderstandings, feuds and conflicts among and between families, couples, neighbors and friends at Barangay Bacneng.
Panic mongers inevitably arise to prey on public nervousness.
Cook confided in him, fearing he was about to be exposed by Tory scandal- mongers.
The Internet, which holds so much promise for e-commerce, entertainment and research, also has a dark side inhabited by child molesters, con men, and hate mongers," said Gregoire.
Not that we're rumor mongers or anything, but did ya hear the one about David Copperfield trying to make Kobe Bryant disappear?
Axed manager Steve Archibald last night hit back at the rumour mongers he claims cost him his job at East Fife.
With these partnerships, CareerMosaic becomes the exclusive provider of career and employment content for both FindCareer and Perl Mongers.
To further aid technology professionals, the site features sub-communities, currently including the Electrical Engineering Career Center and the Perl Mongers Career Center.
But the script by Mark Solomon, complete with oversexed starlets, gossip mongers and amoral network executives, is the same old same old, and cluttered with tediously belabored scenes - even the hyperkinetically edited montages go on too long.
By refusing to advertise on the highly publicized April 30 episode, Klein said, Chrysler ``runs the risk of appearing to tacitly support calls by hate mongers and those who are intolerant and anti-gay.
OTCBB:WSYS), licenses and manages a network of Internet cyberstations designed to help define public companies to Internet online investors and protect them from Internet rumor mongers and stock manipulators.
Some sales-hungry fish mongers now suggest that fans throw two octopuses tied together to make up the difference in legs.