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someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest

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And with the start of the new school year just days away, they have urged low-income families to be on their guard for door-to-door moneylenders, who are looking to exploit their financial difficulties.
The name in the note matches that of her neighbour, Chiang said, adding that she had never taken a loan from moneylenders before.
A couple of days ago, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) approved a significant increase in prices of natural gas for domestic consumers, which was one of the conditions of the global moneylender to secure its bailout package.
Their loans with the interest were paid to the moneylender through a nationalized bank as an intermediary through an interest free loan to each employee and realizing the same through a monthly repayment of small amounts from their subsequent salary payment.
He said witnesses heard gunshots before seeing Mangudadatu, a noted moneylender, and his companions hastily flee.
However, the victim Irfan - a resident of Hanjarwal-along with his family members also appeared before the court and submitted that he had taken a loan of Rs 10,000 from moneylender, Manzoor, five years before and paid three times more than the original amount but despite that the moneylender with the connivance of other accused deprived him of one of his kidneys and sold it.
Relatives told the GDN they thought he was driven to suicide because he was unable to repay a BD3,000 loan from an illegal moneylender, who was charging interest of BD250 every month.
He is also usually a moneylender, and does not see why he should give up his lucrative business for a modest bank correspondentship.
But in Atlantis, she's the love of Hercules's life - and she's missing, having been kidnapped by cruel moneylender Kyros last week.
As they piece together her case, the two discover interesting information from reluctant neighbors about Calise's moonlighting career as both fortune-teller and moneylender, which made her the enemy of very powerful people.
If you feel that you have been the victim of an illegal moneylender then here is your chance to be heard.
The actor was said to have mortgaged his property in Chennai to a private moneylender to make "Vishwaroopam".
It meant borrowing Dh12,000 from a private moneylender, yet Rajnath took the plunge.
Of course, this implies that there are no frictions, no transactions costs and that when customers default the moneylender gets nothing at all.