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someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest

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The moneylender sends his agent in a boat to collect the fish.
It is unfortunate that moneylenders often belong to a higher level of society and have a good reputation among social activists and associations.
If you feel that you have been the victim of an illegal moneylender then here is your chance to be heard.
The actor was said to have mortgaged his property in Chennai to a private moneylender to make "Vishwaroopam".
It meant borrowing Dh12,000 from a private moneylender, yet Rajnath took the plunge.
Of course, this implies that there are no frictions, no transactions costs and that when customers default the moneylender gets nothing at all.
Abu Dhabi, Sep 6(ANI): The Indian couple, who allegedly committed suicide after hanging their daughter in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates could not return to India because the husband had kept the passports of his wife and daughter with a private moneylender as a security guarantee.
There he met Sufia Begum, a stool maker, who told him that she borrowed from a moneylender to buy the bamboo she needed as raw material.
A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl abducted and strangled in Cardiff and the death of a retired Swansea moneylender are just two of the 28 unsolved murder cases going back to the start of World War II that South Wales Police is reviewing.
Gustinelli and Martalo borrowed pounds 7500 in 2004 from a moneylender.
A typical moneylender is a single individual, well-known in his neighborhood or village, who borrows money from his wealthier connections and in turn lends those funds to individuals in need, typically people he knows personally.
According to the bowl's Web site, the game was cancelled Friday because of ``a drop in sponsorship monies and a primary moneylender falling through.
A MONEYLENDER and her ex-boyfriend who were involved in a three-year blackmail campaign against the owners of a Merseyside Chinese takeaway are facing jail.
Another woman was desperate when a moneylender threatened to make her homeless because she was in debt and had no job.