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someone whose main interest in life is moneymaking

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We work in dark cubicles for moneygrubbers, managed by myopic pinheads.
Would you be happier to hear that it was going to be a profit-maximizing capitalist entity, greedy moneygrubbers acting in their own self-interest?
The entire industry is, in effect, cashing out, as Philip Meyer explains in his recent book, "The Vanishing Newspaper." Quietly, perhaps even unknowingly, the industry is committing suicide, and the corporations appear to be greedy moneygrubbers instead of public-spirited entities staunchly defending the public's right to know.
moneygrubbers, there are, among others, jokes currently circulating
From Cairo to Baghdad, from Gaza to Damascus, Jews are portrayed in state-run media as demons, corrupt moneygrubbers, and murderers.
Senior Vice Minister for Health, Labor and Welfare Yoshio Kimura on Friday apologized to Israeli Ambassador to Japan Yitzhak Lior for calling Jews ''moneygrubbers'' Wednesday at a meeting of the Japanese Association of Psychiatric Hospitals, government officials said.
(2.) "[E]ach fall [Harvard Law School] takes five hundred of our brightest, most idealistic young people and in three years transforms them into Wall Street moneygrubbers." Calvin Trillin, A Reporter at Large: Harvard Law School, THE NEW YORKER, Mar.
Their brief (three minutes or less) tales of expansive passions were a godsend to the villainous provincial moneygrubbers who ran such establishments and fueled the decadents' descent whenever they peddled their wares in the capital (again a Soviet cliche).
But tickets for the shows at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre are like gold dust and record bosses slammed the moneygrubbers who make a killing at the expense of genuine fans.
Again Cather contrasted the pioneers with the next generation of moneygrubbers by juxtaposing Captain Forrester and shyster lawyer Ivy Peters.
In fact, North was surrounded by moneygrubbers. Hakim, Secord, former C.I.A.
After all, the only way to hurt the moneygrubbers who run Endemol is by hitting them in the pocket.
Every penny counts with us mercenary love 'em and leave 'em moneygrubbers.
But the third option is to stand for both parliaments - and face accusations of being moneygrubbers.