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a drawstring bag for holding money

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My friend had accompanied me and he had the moneybag. I left him waiting in the hotel with two other men and went with a third man to check the gold.
Ahead of the second debate, the campaign wanted to use a moneybag with emoji wings to signify government waste, Coby said.
But not after he left his moneybag containing his Visa and ATM cards and cash amounting to $1,600 (P65,008) on a sofa at the lobby of Oxford Hotel in Brgy.
They are accused of snatching a moneybag from a petrol pump attendant and injuring him with a knife.
The salesman was taken to Sharjah where the culprits assaulted him, stole the moneybag and escaped.
The Nigerian workers, aged 33 and 30, attacked the Nepalese employees at 9.40pm while they were transferring the cash in a moneybag to the company's security car in Naif in June.
Prosecuter Jenny Haigh told Teesside Crown Court that Gray went away to get the right money but then he pulled out a knife and he took the food and the driver's moneybag containing an unknown amount.
Three men in balaclavas stole his moneybag and hit him around the head with a hammer outside his house in Walker's Terrace at 3pm on Sunday.
Routine work in the bank was not even started, when the armed man entered in the bank forcefully and snatched moneybag from the cashier that was bagged with approximately Rs 92 Lac, police said.
The man, who was in his 30s, was challenged by the 20-year-old as he tried to take a handbag and moneybag from the storeroom after going into Flower Lodge, in Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, to ask about vases.
Summary: Defendants stopped from running away with moneybag by brave resident who chased them
Summary: Suspect took co-worker by surprise when he went to toilet and walked away with moneybag
15 minutes later, my friend called me and told me that he had been kidnapped by a group of men who also took the moneybag from him and left him in the street.
"I carried the bag that contained the required tools to open the ATM while my workmate carried the moneybag. The defendants took us by surprise and attacked us.
"I came to know their names after police arrested themEoACA* I dropped off the moneybag at a certain spot.