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Synonyms for money-spinner

a project that generates a continuous flow of money

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Kolkata, February 27 (ANI): Youth in Kolkata have taken to cyber gaming in a big way as it is fast emerging as a money-spinner and a lucrative career option.
Perhaps another name should be sought; such as Score-Score or just plain Slog or best of all Money-Spinner.
Others will decry the fines as nothing more than a money-spinner for the Government.
Wonka confectionery linked to the hit film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has proved to be a money-spinner for Nestle Rowntree, with sales of the products approaching the 4m [pounds sterling] mark just weeks after the launch.
It seems that, from shirts to crisps, football has become just one big money-spinner that costs the fan.
WORKING at the car wash proved a money-spinner for Red Nose Day when Coventry pupils rolled up their sleeves and sprung into action.
Edward called the comparison a creation of the news media, adding, ``because I mean, I think, utterly cynically speaking, the princess was a huge money-spinner for them.
All this would suggest that moblogging is not, as an industry, much of a money-spinner.
But saying she does is just a big tick in the "We're just an ordinary family" box, which helps boost the multi-million pound money-spinner that is Brand Beckham.
The worrying proliferation of these businesses, some not properly regulated, suggests the growing number of older people unable to look after themselves is a money-spinner.
If HS2 is such a money-spinner why doesn't the Government get the private sector to pay for it instead of the taxpayer?
He did not mention the already large and rapidly growing covert charge to all of our bills which is made at Government's behest to cover various "carbon taxes" and the Renewables Obligation (RO) which makes uneconomic wind power a money-spinner for its owners.
Her dam has proved a real money-spinner for Tindall, who sold her daughter Anacreon, also by Dansili, for 140,000gns as a foal, and a half-sister by Teofilo as a foal last year for 150,000gns.
23 (ANI): New Zealand Cricket is hoping that having a star-studded Indian team on tour will be a money-spinner for the sport.
The son of a highly-regarded Aussie sprinter, he can prove a real money-spinner from a yard that has a great record at this track.