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'They are money-making organisations and they want to entice us into the game and once you're in the game, you can't get out.
'Education has been made into a business,' he said and added, 'Schools are not a money-making industry.' Justice Gulzar further said, 'There's not a drop of shame in the eyes of private school owners.'
'Education has been made into a business, ' he said and added, 'Schools are not a money-making industry.' Justice Gulzar further said, 'There's not a drop of shame in the eyes of private school owners.'
Aspirant for 3rd telco sues NTC for 'money-making' requirements !-- -- ( - October 9, 2018 - 9:12pm MANILA, Philippines NOW Telecom has sued the National Telecommunications Commission for allegedly inserting new "money making" requirements in the final rules on the selection ofthe country's third telecommunications player.
Handgun makers are quick to tout when their guns are chosen by law enforcement agencies because, one, it means they got a money-making contract and, two, civilians are often influenced on gun choices by what officers carry.
WHEN a money-making craze takes over the country it invariably ends in disaster.
A progressive lawmaker rejected on Sunday the Duterte government's proposed localized peace talks, saying that it would only become a "money-making venture" for unscrupulous local government units (LGUs), the military and the police.
As people increasingly look to monetize their use of Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms; with the proliferation of money-making apps and websites, like LetGo, Offer-Up, SwagBucks, and AirBnB; and the escalation of home-based, solopreneur and entrepreneurial businesses, Eric Lofholm--founder, president, and chief executive officer of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., and author of several books, including How to Sell In the New Economy, How to Master the Science of Goal Setting; and 21 Ways to Close More Sales--says people seeking to start a money-making venture, however big or small, often take "stupid risks" with money, but they can learn to make more prudent decisions.
Sometimes making a decent profit on selling less can be better for your cash flow and leave you time to chase up money-making business.
I THOUGHT the council were a bit silly just painting around potholes, but I now realise what a brilliant money-making council the citizens of Birmingham have been blessed with.
Addressing students at Pune's Fergusson College, Modi said: "Education has become a money-making business.
EVEN Alan Sugar would have admired the money-making skills of 16 Teesside apprentices.
FIRMS across Coventry and Warwickshire are being urged to show off their money-making skills with a charity challenge.
Summary: The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, on Monday, denied allegations that notarising the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee has been imposed as a 'money-making scheme'
They've launched a free app to turn your iPhone into a money-making machine too.