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And Neil Hamilton, the slimy MP at the centre of the cash-for-questions scandal, has been exposed as a liar as well as a money-grubber.
A small, insecure money-grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he makes a profit," Warren (http://www.
I hereby withdraw those best wishes now, facing the fact that their recipient turns out to be just another money-grubber, not a collector of rare books.
IT'S that time of the year when wellknown industrialist Alf Money-Grubber is elevated to the peerage to become Lord Ripoff of Avarice.
American money-grubber David Duval says: "Imagine a Ryder Cup with no Tiger Woods or David Duval.
It is a man who cares about no one but himself - a small insecure money-grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it.
Money-grubber Rupert Murdoch is out to feather his own nest and has no interest in the good of the game.
And last night one of the youngsters told callous money-grubber Jimmy Stickle: "I made you rich.
One demagogue after another in Europe tried to stigmatise Jews as money-grubbers, fifth-columnists and international conspirators.
These connotations, both as deployed by the state and as sometimes found in the wider culture, include the ideas that women traders are money-grubbers, have low education, lack culture and neglect their families.
Of course, the money-grubbers in Government and at the ECB were never going to understand an argument which didn't focus solely on the bottom line.
were to make a film portraying Jews as pederasts, money-grubbers, and depraved lunatics -- which is how Mohammed was portrayed -- would our first instinct be to champion their right to free speech?
But if it is really being lost to money-grubbers exploiting crazy EU rules, I think it should be thoroughly debated before it is too late.
The bar examiners and disciplinary process do that very well, but we have failed to properly deal with the perception by the public that we are all liars, cheats, and money-grubbers.