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a market for short-term debt instruments

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In order to assist our investors in planning, and to help ease the transition into the new regulatory environment, details of our intentions for certain segments of our money market fund product line follow.
Bent, president of the Reserve Fund, introduced in October 1971 and the first money market mutual fund.
Two Vanguard money market offerings will change their names
Money market funds usually invest in short-term notes issued by the federal government or private companies.
Schwartz also noted that the new Ave Maria Money Market Account will be available to all investors, just like the other Ave Maria Mutual Funds.
Certain funds to be converted to 60-day maximum maturity money market funds
And in the world of money market funds, where a fund strives to offer returns that are one basis point - one-hundredth of a percentage point - higher than its competitors', these policies can matter.
In keeping in line with Fitch's recently revised money market fund rating criteria, funds invested in less than 5% of Tier II equivalent securities may be eligible for an 'AA' rating following a case-by-case assessment of the credit quality of such holdings.
Assets of the 297 institutional money market funds increased by $1.
They wanted to ensure that the product they selected not only offered traditional money market characteristics at competitive rates but that it also had a proven track record.
the various uses of money market futures, with particular emphasis on the use of these instruments to hedge interest rate exposure
The new release of STN's money market portal also offers dynamic fund performance research tools and expanded analytical data - such as performance details by user-defined fields and comparisons of portfolio performance against all funds' performance - to help customers make more informed investment decisions.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Assets of the nation's 676 retail money market mutual funds increased by $4.
NEW YORK -- The Bank of New York has introduced Business Insured $weep(SM), a unique product that helps small businesses maximize their interest earning potential by automatically linking a business checking account with an FDIC insured money market account.
Assets of the 294 institutional money market funds decreased by $2.