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one whose business is to exchange the money of one country for that of another country

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The money changer, however, suspected that the dollar bills were fake and called the police.
The Binondo-based company said recently it is not connected with the two firms whose certificates of registration as remittance agent, foreign exchange dealer, and money changer were earlier revoked by the BSP.
The India Travel Card will initially be available at select Axis Bank branches in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai as well as a large network of money changers. The card will be made available at over 190 well-located Axis Bank branches in the next few months.
After taking the money he would ask the money changer to wait while he left the lobby on the pretext of getting his passport from the room.
An eyewitness who wanted to remain anonymous said that four people, three of them in police uniform and one in military uniform abducted the money changer. Khosti said last year six money changers were abducted only from Kabul province.
The first kind is when a money changer in a case of small money changing makes a moderate profit following the usage of his native land.
The blast went off as a suspected criminal boss Zeev Rosenstein entered the money changer's shop, witnesses said.
That almost happened three days later, when we were nearly cut off by a pickup equipped with an antiaircraft gun and carrying a gang rumored to have recently killed a money changer with $30,000 in his safe.
11, received $100,000 in four transfers over a six-month period in 2000 via a money changer in Sharjah.
The number of thefts involving victims about to enter or just leaving a bank or money changer shot up by 71% to 53 cases last year, the police said in a press release.
For example, the vice president of patient care services is approached by a representative from the emergency department staff about installing a money changer next to vending machines outside the department.
Five police officers including an inspector has been arrested for robbing a money changer of RM200,000, while an assistant superintendent (ASP) from Bukit Aman, believed to be the mastermind is still at large.
RAWALPINDI -- A money changer was robbed of Rs25.8 million by six armed men on Monday night near Rawat.
On their pagination that they used to purchase foreign currency from Fareed of Singapore Money Changer, a subsequent raid was conducted Singapore Money Changer (franchise of H and H Exchange at I.I.
He said the main accused, Qurban, involved in looting Rs 15.6 million from a money changer at gun point in Civil Lines area, was arrested by the police.