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a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home

a strongbox for holding cash

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Foundation Learning students show Mencap regional youth co-ordinator Sian Hughes |(bottom right) the money boxes and budget plans produced for their Inspire Me project
The money boxes can hold up to 30 pounds 1 coins and, when full, should be taken to the Coventry Building Society who will collect the money and pass all proceeds to the Cathedral.
Children made 700 money boxes inscribed with Japanese words of hope and filled them full of coins donated by friends and family, as well as their own money.
There's large money containers shaped like the Hershey's Kiss sweets and also taller money boxes shaped like the Hershey's chocolate flavour syrup (dhs85).
Our exclusive research of the top buys at major Debenhams stores reflects the national trends, with everything from hair straighteners to money boxes on our Christmas lists.
How much change do Briton's collectively save per week in money boxes and jars around the house?
uk)' Cow and pig plush money boxes, pounds 5 each, Matalan (0845 330 3330, www.
Amusingly, a busload of French tourists arrived while we were there, and the ir reverent genuflections and contributions to the money boxes on display made it evident that they thought they were in a Catholic church.
Pooh also features on Advent calendars, tree decorations and money boxes.
They are languishing in coat pockets, purses and money boxes.
The machines allow customers who put in their small change, often from money boxes, to have vouchers instead, subject to commission.
The police said the evidence gathered from the investigation indicated that the suspects were trying to steal the money boxes while they were being transported from the money exchange to the vehicle.
We stopped to look at the children building small money boxes in the shape of houses on the Newydd stand.