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a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home

a strongbox for holding cash

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Charity trustee and Jacob's cousin Olivia Gaskell explained why she applied for funding from The Maltings' Community Money Box.
The Money Box programme invited representatives from all the main banks to take part and answer questions, they all declined.
The money box is a replica of the donation box the authority uses to collect donations.
MONEY BOX 1 = A 2 = B 3 = C 4 = D 5 = E 6 = H 7 = I 8 = L 9 = N 10 = 0 11 = P 12 = R 13 = S 14 = T 15 = U
The old Market Hall complete with the massive bomb money box, no roof - the war had taken that away - the market traders that thronged the pavements, sounds and aromas some of which are best forgotten.
Each child who opens an account at the school's HSBC will receive a red money box.
But when he started his humble collection of the odd money box here and there, he never dreamed it would turn into raising PS100,000.
I'd put it in my money box and save it for my holidays," came the reply.
The free account will have a AED100 credit on a complimentary pre-paid card, besides providing a money box for children who register for the service.
Yesterday, the jury at the High Court in Glasgow heard that fingerprints of one of these men, Sean Gibson, 21, was found inside a money box that was found close to where Javaid was stabbed.
A total of PS7,000 was collected through ticket sales, auction prizes, an Experience Tree which featured 60 vouchers donated by local businesses and a competition called Pick A Pig where guests bought a Grace Research Fund pigshaped money box containing a raffle ticket.
Principal Boyd Allen says the youngster thought it was a money box, in the shape of a grenade.
Each Fresh Start pack contains a toy, a Fresh Start manual, a journey planner with stickers, a smoke-free car cling, a Health and Wealth dial, a money box and a 'What's in a cigarette?
Cheshire West and Chester's executive member for culture, Cllr Stuart Parker, loaned to the museum a bear money box and a letter from Winston Churchill.
Every morning, a gentleman dropped 50 cents in the money box, and walked on without taking a doughnut.