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give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country

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Zodiac makes this possible through its PowerUp(SM) and INSTA(TM) Frameworks that give iTV operators the ability to offer media center-type experiences monetized through paid search.
While venture capitalists, institutional investors, and corporations continue to pour their money into the exploding market of Internet distribution of content, we feel it's important to raise the bar by showing the market how we help content producers turn their dreams into real services that can be monetized now.
offers back-end video search technology that organizes video libraries, which enables content to be monetized.
Our goal is to create a platform where every piece of information given away for free today can be monetized," said Tagare.
It is anticipated that these projects and their eligible tax credits will be monetized into a license and royalty revenue stream consistent with Raser's business model.
That's because it's the recipient of the ads--not the advertiser or the publisher--who determines if and when an ad is monetized.
Ray has improved its results from the underlying business, strengthened its liquidity position and monetized over $75 million in assets.