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give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country

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Not all were so sure that IHOP would indeed monetize, however.
President, Benny Traub, says, "Our clients can now display ads and earn income with the most common revenue models such as pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale, enabling them to monetize .
AMERICAN FORK, Utah -- Move Networks, the leader in Internet television services, today announced that it is launching an upgrade to its analytics and reporting tool, Move Monetize.
Southeastern Asset Management wants to monetize it and return it in the form of dividend or a share repurchase, which would help shareholders,'' Joe said.
vConnect is a social networking for video platform that enables content owners, portal operators and online marketing organizations to custom brand, target, virally distribute and monetize their message via video.
As service providers deploy new applications and content to meet subscriber demand and competitive pressures, the Application Policy Controller provides a robust software solution to manage and monetize the complex and dynamic relationship between subscribers and applications.
ExtendMedia's flagship OpenCASE[R] software platform provides broadband content management capabilities for businesses that offer content to consumers - so that businesses can better deliver, control and monetize either on-demand or advertising-supported content.
With FAST AdMomentum, we give that control and independence back to publishers - enabling them for the first time to fully monetize their assets without having to share revenues or risk customer disintermediation.
Introduces Near-Time Premium, a Hosted Service That Makes It Easy to Monetize Content and Audience Participation
This complete framework makes it easier for iTV operators and CE manufacturers to design, deploy, manage and monetize iTV applications, faster and with greater overall performance.
Their unique Wi-Fi database, as well as their unmatched experience in helping WISPs to monetize their Wi-Fi investments, will be critical to the success of the Ultramercial format.
For websites, Vizu Answers gives webmasters and bloggers an innovative, reader-friendly way to monetize their pages.
Aimed at the B2B marketplace, the platform is designed to simplify the overly complex process to manage, market and monetize media directly-to-consumers.
As Director of Product Management, Passarella is responsible for strategic product planning and identifying opportunities for Monitor110's institutional investment customers to monetize Internet data.
Onstream Media's Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP[TM]) provides all the necessary tools to enable small to medium enterprises to manage, publish, distribute and monetize video and other multi-media content on the Internet," said Randy Selman, CEO of Onstream Media.