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give legal value to or establish as the legal tender of a country

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Under "monetised resettlement", local governments give residents cash to buy a property on the market, or buy it directly for them.
According to him, the monetised grant, according to the resolution, was based on the current market value of new vehicle, adding that the grant was given every three years and it was non-refundable.
Operators need to focus on quality of service and value add features that can be monetised. In recent times operators have been successful in monetising services around security and device management," said Dharia.
All pages will be monetised instantly through an ad-share program, and the centralized dashboard will allow ON-G members to track earnings created by social media practices done every day such as liking, sharing, commenting, posting, and blogging.
Dantata said: "Nigeria is more of a gas country than oil but this gas is not yet monetised like the oil, so the FLNG facility they are deploying is to serve as means to monetise those stranded gas There are a lot of activities in almost 120 km offshore Nigeria so it will be uneconomical for anybody to explore that gas and pipe them to Nigeria.
Worldwide Computer Products News-21 February 2007-Mobile Commerce extends Monetised Mobile Search to all WAP site owners(C)1995-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Hong Kong/Shanghai: Monetised resettlement of shanty-town residents has been an important driver of Chinese housing demand in recent years, particularly in lower-tier cities, but is likely to have peaked in 2017, says Fitch Ratings.
Similarly, Professor Falola, who is of the University of Texas, United States of America, said the idea of a third force had been nursed but that Nigerian politics had become too monetised for the idea to succeed, noting that 'Nigerian politics is about money...The entire space has become monetised.'