monetary unit

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a unit of money

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However, current rupee will not support to fulfil the expectations of the nation and this writer considers that changing the monetary unit rupee replacing RIX DOLLAR would definitely support to maintain internationally better valued currency unit in the country, which represents fair international value of Sri Lanka's assets.
The central bank circulated 18 billion afghanis in 2002 when the monetary unit was newly defined.
World monetary units; an historical dictionary, country by country.
MONETARY UNIT: Peso, worth about 10.3 cents in U.S.
The Spaniard said that Europe must make a clear commitment to a policy on non-inflationary growth, while backing a more flexible economy, in order to cut public deficits and open markets to greater competition.Meanwhile, European Commission President Romano Prodi suggested on 13 May in Copenhagen that the Euro will rally and supplant the dollar as the dominant global monetary unit in the medium term.
ZLOTY A Bark of the buckthorn B Polish monetary unit C Larval state of the lobster who am I?
He also must decide whether to adopt the euro--the official monetary unit of the European Union--as the national currency.
The Kroon is a monetary unit of which European country?
The Kroon was a monetary unit of which European country?