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However, this can only happen if the US, Europe and Japan decide to work together and agree on rebuilding the international monetary system.
The core argument of Money and Security is that the development of the postwar international monetary system, based on the dollar as a worldwide reserve currency convertible into gold, and the Atlantic security system, based on a huge commitment of US troops in Europe, are much more closely related than has been hitherto recognized.
economy needed a monetary system with centralized governmental control and regional flexibility.
A total of 84percent were against joining the euro and felt that the UK would not be at a disadvantage by remaining outside the EU monetary system.
He mentions bimetallism, but wastes no words explaining the reasons that a monetary system based on silver and gold could have resulted in inflation that benefited debtors and hurt creditors in the late 19th century, a major issue at the time of William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech.
* "No monetary system has yet been devised that has proven free of problems....[The] era of 1865 to 1896 saw a massive deflation under a gold standard, deflation that produced the populist political movement, followed between 1896 and 1913 with a more rapid gold inflation.
Reform of the international monetary system is one of the issues to be discussed on the second day, they said.
Japanese and German finance officials agreed Tuesday to cooperate closely in implementing International Monetary Fund reforms and beefing up the international monetary system.
Soros had first gained worldwide notoriety when he stared down the Bank of England in 1992, almost single-handedly forcing the British pound out of the European Monetary System.
Noncompliance with applicable federally enforceable requirements that provide for the safety and soundness of the banking or monetary system, including the protection of depositors;
1978: Britain announces it won't join the EEC's new monetary system. No 1 single: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, by Rod Stewart.
Will it enhance or diminish the efficiency of the international monetary system? By no means are the answers historically clear.
His edition/translation is enhanced with a gazetteer, map, note on the monetary system, compilation of weights and measures, and bibliography.