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organisms that typically reproduce by asexual budding or fission and whose nutritional mode is absorption or photosynthesis or chemosynthesis

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It is known that Steller sea lions hauled out below the cliffs at Kamen' Opasnosti, Moneron Island, breakwater of the Port Nevelsk, Tuleny Island, and Cape Elizavety (Kurcheva, 1955; Belkin, 1966b; Voronov, 1974; Itoo et al., 1977; Perlov, 1977; Perlov and Maminov, 1979; Kuzin and Naberezhnykh, 1991; Perlov and Chupakhina, 1991).
According to Chupakhina (37), two Steller sea lion sites were recorded on Moneron Island (Sanko Cliff and Poyasnoi Island) in May 1997 (Fig.
Two of these sites are on the southwestern coast (the breakwater at Port Nevelsk and at Kuznetsov Cape), and the others are on Moneron Island, Kamen' Opasnosti Cliff, and Tuleny Island (Fig.
Number of Steller sea lions Kamen' Opastnosty Moneron Island Kuznetsov Cape Year Date Count Date Count Date Count 1960 Unknown 250 Unknown 300 1974 Unknown 300 1983 27 Sept.