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of or relating to an element consisting of a single atom


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If the system is not at absolute zero (and is not a monatomic, single crystal), it must have a positive entropy.
Additional pressure would then lead to the monatomic crystal [19,71].
trj] are the monatomic values of thermal conductivity of components i and j, respectively [dimensionless], and M[W.
Acid cleaning, however, carries with it the inherent risk of glass damage when monatomic hydrogen atoms ([H.
The calculation shows that at absolute zero and low pressure, hydrogen is a molecular solid made up of the two-atom molecular solid made up of the two-atom molecules characteristic of its gaseous state, but as the pressure passes 300 gigapascals, hydrogen changes to a monatomic metal in which the atoms are n o longer bound to each other in pairs.
The system will include a large sample stage to accommodate multiple samples, electron and ion charge compensation and both monatomic and gas cluster ion sources for depth profiling a range of materials.
Displacement Levels Using Si (111) Monatomic Steps.
The situation becomes even more interesting if the gas is not molecular, but rather monatomic in nature (like Ar or He for instance).
Specifically, for monatomic simple gases, the thermal conductivity, the viscosity, and the specific heat are given as (29).